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July 31, 2008


Key Supportive Quote: ‘I don’t want to see a skinned rabbit or skinned pigeon coming out of your ninny and then get excited and hold it.'

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I can't open the page, but I have to post something.

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For those blocked:

"Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Gordon Ramsay says he couldn’t stomach being in the delivery room when he became a dad.

The celeb chef feared the experience would put him off sex.

And he was completely honest with his wife Tana.

According to The Sun, he told her: ‘We have the most amazing life.

‘We’re very active in the bedroom and I think you’re a beautiful lady.

'I don’t want to see something coming out of a sort of sci-fi movie.

‘I don’t want to see a skinned rabbit or skinned pigeon coming out of your ninny and then get excited and hold it.

'Give it to me when it’s all nice and sort of clean and ready to go.’"

Father of the year fer sure.

Besides, you can tell he's a rookie by his description. They actually look more like half-drowned sewer rats. But in an adorable way.

The only ninny here is the one Tana Ramsay is married to, IMHO...

"Give it to me when it’s all nice and sort of clean and ready to go."

Isn't that what he keeps telling the apprentice chefs?

WHat an @rsehole.

agree w/jEFF. I think i might tell the chef to go find another ninny.

Give it to me when it’s all nice and sort of clean and ready to go.
Should only take 25 years, or so..

Actually, I commend his honesty more than some guy who would lie that it was going to be so great and go in and force himself to watch like he was all excited and then freak out and act like a ninny.

Hey, I didn't want to see 'em coming out, either. Or do the pushing, for that matter. Or deal with the inane joke bantering between Mr. R and the ob-gyn while I was enduring the worst pain OF MY LIFE TO THAT POINT as the epidural wore off.

I didn't give a skinned rabbit's - ahem - if Mr R. craned his neck to watch his kids being born or not. But I did expect him to be in the room, holding my hand and helping me. Which he did. Which is partly why my eldest is not an only child.

Cat, did you see the item on Princess Chunky yesterday? If not, scroll down to the bottom...

I admire his honesty.. I was forced to be in the delivery room for both of mine being born...I'd much rather have been in the waiting room. I was only in the way. When the dr. asked if I wanted to cut the cord, I asked if I was really the most qualified in the room to do it.

Steve, I've been blogless for awhile. I just read the post now. Too much Chunky Monkey for the princess, it seems.

I am still job-hunting. The doctor's office job was not a good fit (no pun intended), so I did not take it after all. My search continues...

I had no idea Ramsey had a bun-in-the-oven. Must be on next week's episode.

*snork* at mshark.

wonders who his misses has been banging that mr. chef thinks his wife will give birth to bunnies and birdies. although.....it would make for a great magic trick.

and now, for my next act, i will make a skinned rabbit appear from my assistant's ninny!!!

Oldy, I found the trick in the delivery room was to stay behind the impending Mom, in the "Here honey I'll rub your shoulders while you contract" position. You get about the same view she does.

I wimpily dodged the cord-cutting too, wasn't into the symbolism. Turned out that would have been one of the less gruesome of my parental experiences...

Yup, padraig, the birth is just preparation for the poopy diapers and projectile vomiting to come later... Men are wimps... Show me a woman who's been up to her elbows in baby poop, and I'll show you a REAL WOMAN!

Didn't Bill Cosby claim the newborn looked like a lizard?

"...something coming out of a sort of sci-fi movie."

Um... is that another euphemism? As in, 'guys like to see sci-fi movies.'

Let me get this straight. Giving birth is science fiction? And a convection oven is perfectly natural?

I don't know...if there was a real skinned rabbit or skinned pigeon coming out, I'd think he'd want to see that...just from the fact that that isn't normal.

I did witness a baby being born a number of years ago. I don't need to repeat that.

But he's perfectly happy chopping up squid and cleaning fish.

"Give it to me when it’s all nice and sort of clean and ready to go."

I'm unclear, is he referring to the baby or his wifes vajayjay?

Mr. Howard was right with me the entire time. High risk, high drama. At one point as our baby crowned our OB-GYN was quietly bowing his head and doing something, Joe couln't figure out what--maybe praying or figuring out the next step. Then he realized the doctor was pretending to braid our baby's hair. Very funny.

*snork* at cheryl.

brainy, giving birth IS sci fi. at least c-section, haven't you ever seen alien?!

This reminds me of our last day of LaMaze class. We saw a looovely birthing movie that had all the women in the room seriously regretting that we had ever gotten into this. The instructor was rhapsodizing over what a beautiful experience the movie had been, while we all sat in stunned silence. Then one of the women raised her hand and said: "Don't they clean it off first before they give it to you?" We all went out after the class that night. The men all drank. Copiously. The women all had lots of chocolate.

I would trot out the supremely funny column on natural childbirth that brought Dave to prominence, but judi would likely kill me if I did it again. I passed out copies of it to my LaMaze classmates during one session, and we nearly had a roomful of births right then and there. Key quote from it: "Would you like to see the placenta?"

I was there for my first daughter's natural birth and my second daughter's birth by Ceasarian. It was extraordinary both times, and I can't fathom how dads would want to miss it.

This guy is the Wimp King, if you ask me.

I was in the room and the Doc asked me if I wanted to cut the cord, and after I said I wanted an itemized bill that showed I would not be charged for that procedure. The-then wife was medicated enough she laughed.

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