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July 29, 2008


Key Quote:

"I had nothing to do with the cat," she said. "I don't have a cat. I never had a cat. I don't know their cat. I don't know what a cat looks like.

"I mean, I know what a cat looks like, but I don't know what their cat looks like," she said.

(Thanks to SandyEggo)


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Thank your lucky stars, Buddy.

"Jeff Hollar of Greenacres adopted a black Labrador retriever" I suppose that that was cheaper than buying one at Drucker's store or off Mr. Haney's truck.

GIANT *snork* @ PG13 !!

"Dah-ling I love you / but give black labrador. . ."

It's the place to be alright...especially if you're a cat burglar...

Actually I hear they're really tough on cat burglars...

SNORK @ "cat burgler"

Green Acres ain't the place to be.

*has feeling of deja vu all over again*
*fears for Judi's job*

If you have 10-15 minutes or so, click on the "recent PBC bookings" mug shots to the left on that link. I thought I'd glance at a couple, and within the first 10, I was clicking "next" like a lab rat waiting for its next dose of cocaine. I watched all 261. And to think that, at one time, they were all somebody's baby.

I suspect judi was fired on or about May 25th, when this took place. Butt I don't know what judi looks like. Well, I know what judi looks like, butt she could have gotten a tatoo since then.

Yep, Dave posted it earlier. Judi is so in trouble.

Greenacres is the place to be
Pet stealing is the life for me
You take my dog
I'll steal your cat
Florida people are just goofy like that.

as it says in the old testament: a Fido for a Fido, a Boots for a Boots.

bwaaahaaa insom. gotta axe yerself - drunk, or incredibly stupid. i vote for stupid, with a florida chaser. wow.

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