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July 31, 2008


"The man himself was far, far away from what we might call male perfection, making the situation somewhat ironic."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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It didn't help the club's legal defense that the fire code sign on the door said "MAX CAP. 300 PERSONS OR 12 FAT CHICKS."

They could scare them away by putting an Abductor machine in the lobby...

This calls to mind something I've noticed. Ever notice how fat people get mad at "discrimination" (and I'm not saying they shouldn't), but when they lose weight and get down to a normal weight, they discriminate just as much as anyone. Ever see Jared of Subway fame banging fat chicks?

Clearly, a case of creeping fascism. Or communism. Something-ism.

mville, i've never seen jared banging anyone...what porn site are you on?

Remember on Boston Legal when Denny Crane (of all people) fired an associate lawyer because she was fat? You can read all about it here...

Whut cg said.

margaritaville, would you want to bang Jared?

Not to mention, m'ville, why do you think Jared LOST all that weight in the first place? It wasn't so he could turn Roseanne's head.

"Almost 1000 people have joined an internet-based campaign calling for a boycott of the club and a protest on Friday night."

. . . Because they were so "door-frame challenged" they could not protest in person.

Sounds like to me the owners of the club got their wish if the gravity-cursed are refusing to show up.

Sounds like to me the owners of the club got their wish if the gravity-cursed are refusing to show up.

Oh, layers upon layers of irony.

Crossgirl, it's www.jaredsubwaysandwich.com.

gee, it's good to know that all you "normal" weight people are the thoughtful types. and i feel so saddened that Jared wouldn't want to "bang" me if i managed to somehow fit through a doorway.

judi, no offense meant. I mean, I have been made fun of, but it's okay cause I'm not "heavier". I do feel bad for those women getting discriminated against. I was just making the point that a lot of people do it, and a lot of people make fun of others and if it's wrong for one segment of the population, it's wrong for every one. I have been called "skinny", "broomstick", "skinny bitch" and worse, but it seems to be okay. But if it's wrong to make fun of people, the internet and blogs in general would collapse into a cavernous void. My appolgies if I offended you,though. If I were Jared, I would so bang you.

Judi-Judi-Judi, 2 things:

1st - You are not door-frame-challenged, I was drinking beside you one night. That was inside a bar.

And B - Did I read that correct, you WANT to bang Jared?

Honey, does this attitude make my mind look small?

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