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July 24, 2008


Key Quote:

A surgeon at the Arizona Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix has admitted to using his mobile phone to take a picture of a patient's penis during surgery.

Dr. Adam Hansen said that he took the picture of Sean Dubowik's penis while inserting a catheter during a gall bladder operation. Dubowik, a strip club owner, has the words "Hot Rod" tattooed on his penis. According to Dubowik, he got the tattoo as part of a $1,000 bet.


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Was it a bet that he won or lost?

Loss of the Dr.'s license to use his cell phone is in order. Hot Rod? LOL.

"I feel violated, betrayed and disgusted," Dubowik said, upon learning of the photo. "The longer I sit here the angrier I get."

Nice try fella, but I don't think the jury will buy that coming from a strip club owner.

'zactly, Lairbo.

Ok guys, what would YOU choose as a penii tattoo? (And for comfort purposes, we'll say they're rub ons.)

I can't wait to tell my wife about 'Hot Rod'. You know...she's a Dr. Off topic, we are in the market for a trailer in recent weeks. My wife is acting a lot like white trash and we need to boost her image. Maybe I'll send her an email for when she wakes up.

What the victim should be most embarrassed about is that in the inactive state, the tattoo reads "Ho".

Take a picture of that!

Fivver, I don't think the jury will buy that coming from somebody who was so arrogant that he had "Hot Rod" tattooed on his penis.

If Dubowik didn't want people looking at his schwantz, then why did he get the tattoo?

hmmm the bot ate my post!

I have no sympathy for doctors who would submit their patients to ridicule. Medicine is a serious business.

Renewable energy?

He feels violated cause the doctor saw it, and not when the tattoo artist had to---never mind.

"he got the tattoo as part of a $1,000 bet."

I think most men would want a LOT more to tattoo that part of their anatomy. Ouch!

When I was in the hospital, word soon got around that I had my name "Al" tattooed on my penis. All the nurses were having a good laugh at this until one day a nurse who was attending me came into the break room with her eyes wide. The other nurses asked her what had happened. She said, "I was giving "Al" a sponge bath when he became excited and started to grow!" "So what's the big deal? We've all seen that before," said one of the other nurses. The first nurse replied, "Yeah, but when excited his tattoo didn't say Al. It said, 'Eat at Allen's Bar & Grill, Birmingham, Alabama!' "

Allen?? by any chance is your nickname Stallion??

Just wonderin'

Siouxie, dear...That's a subjective opinion...that requires your personal examination! *G*

Siouxie, dear...That's a subjective opinion...that requires your personal examination! *G*

Did I stutter?...

Is it true the dr.had to use the zoom lens?

Ok Allen.

Drop 'em.


You're gonna have to get a bigger screen...


Crud! I had a "screen envy" joke ready...

His parents probably lectured him that if he got a tattoo he would never get a decent job.

hehe ;-P

Speaking of genitalia on a camera phone (is that a sentence I will ever say again?), I used to work at a car dealership with a girl who had, let's say, a complicated personal life. She was talking about how unsatisfied she was with her current (at the time) boyfriend and how she wanted to go back to her old one. She told me that her previous boyfriend had spent the night before. "Nothing happened, though"--but she wished it had, because he was so much better endowed than her current boyfriend, who was hung like a gnat or some other colorful phrase. Then she asked, "Wanna see?" and before I could answer, she whipped out her phone and started showing me pictures. "See, that's a grown man, isn't that a shame?" I don't remember if I could answer her at all.

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