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July 31, 2008


Here's an ugly refreshingly irreverent accessory.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-hair)


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no thank you, i have enough hair on my clothes courtesy of the cat.

Maybe some hairy-chested men would like the idea of a hairy chest on a woman.

Wait - that's a woman?!

Some people pay great money to get rid of hair like that.

This may be a few miles north of the apocalypse.

Not to mention what this will do to Nair futures.

A hair ball to be worn as a hat? WTF?

Calling Princess Chunky!

Is that a commode seat she's wearing?

No, I think they're tighy-whities.

You guys are talking about that stuff on her head, right?

Cool, the next time I get jewelry I won't have to pay for it. I'll just have the neighbor's cat cough it up for me.

That's a horse-y lookin' person modelling all that. And by horse-y I mean YIKES!

Geez, I'm sittin' on a FORTUNE with Mr. Telecom's back hair alone !!!

*starts feverishly designing*

this accessory requires regular brushing, conditioning and petting for best results.

Sounds more like a pet. Or for that matter, some dates that I have been on.

You know there's a problem when you have an accessory that requires the use of Mane & Tail.

Heeey, now - Mane & Tail makes an excellent conditioner.

Can I make money off this? I have hair!

How long before the Robin Williams look becomes fashionable.

Crossgirl, we have long suspected that our cat has another family. Yours may be it.

As I recall, hair shirts were punishments in medieval times. Will we be seeing a resurgence of the chastity belt next?

And I think it's Annie Lennox modeling that crap stunning accessory.

BTW and O/T: Annie and you other folks who came by, there's a partial update on the Feedjit situation on my blog.

It's a catch-22 Suzy -- if you make $$ off of it you won't have hair.

hey dude, you think i can cash in that cat's frequent flyer miles?

Fashion. The quickest, surest way to both ugliness and poverty.

Think I'll stick with my waxed mutton chops.

As long as I don't have the hair anyway, can I make the $$?

If I had know that I could do this with my dogs' hair, I've have...no, never mind, I still wouldn't do it.


cg -- doubt it; my dad can't cash in the miles he's earned himself without jumping through ridiculous hoops. Flying from Tampa home to L.A. on miles, United made him change planes. In Chicago.

*zips in*™

Congrats to Annie!

MS, I think I might have enough to spare for a pair ot two of earrings if it's taken from under, ya know?

Are suggesting there's a way for you to get a Brazillian for free?

Oh! I would never expect any sort of free services!

What's next, the edible pearl necklace?

Okay, this entire thread is icky. But thanks to you, o'manatee, I'm officially skeeved out.

*neatly combs all 14 hairs on top of head in preparation for day without fashion*

So is this a Catch-22/Gift Of The Magi/Alanis Morissette's irony-poor-tired-blood story, wherein the beleaguered girl butchers Flicka to make a saddle which she sells so she can rent the hayloft and have it decorated with Victorian wallpaper and a 100 year old radiator so she can live the life of a horse-deprived recluse but finds she can't afford the follicle implants to become as fully repulsive as she feels and must turn to modeling?

I had to click thru to the sales site to figure out which was the $336 chest accessory, since old Annie Wear-butt-lennox there is wearing hers pre-sagged nearly to her knees. Also that ain't hirsute! It's pilose, at best.

I do think the 6-hole pantie-dress could kill on the runways this fall, especially when changing planes in Chicago.

Someone certainly has too much time on their hands coming up with stuff like this .... or their (not there) sense of taste has also deserted them.

hey bali, gotta go to bed, so, hope you email me tomorrow!

The link is not working properly. Would you like to update that please. I would have loved to be able to see the link that you posted so I'm waiting till you update that.

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