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July 30, 2008


Now he has appeared in the form of a Cheeto.


Key Quote: The pastor  of Kirkwood Methodist Church does not see anything theologically  special about the Cheeto.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Looks more like Bullwinkle to me.

Handbasket ready for boarding . . .

I believe Jesus wasn't that orange, and much, much taller.

**I don't care if it rains or freez-oos . . . **

oh, JMJ. for pity's sake. but i ate a whole little bag o cheetos yesterday... could i have blasphemed????

Safe deposit box? I keep mine under the sofa cushions.

Not to mention the BVM . . .

Cheesus, Joseph, and Mary

MMMmmm; tasty communion wafer.

betcha can't worship just one!

THIS is why I'm an athiest. Too many years of leaving Bible School with orange fingers.

I will refrain from commenting because I hear that Hell is rather warm this time of year.....

Insom! Handbasket! And no fidgeting!

Oh, for god's sake! That looks more like a headless man, upsidedown. Well, partly headless.

It's obviously the Cheeto of Willendorf and belongs in a museum.

"Kyrie eleison; Christe eleison;"


"Kyrie eleison; Christe eleison;"


Maybe I should start LOOKING at my snacks before I stuff them in my mouth!

time post on ebay now that elvis can no longer providing competition.


Umm...I am a Christian and I have this sneaking hunch that Jesus has more to do than project images of himself (and the BMV) on snacks and sink stains...

Our brains are hardwired to see patterns and faces, so yes, every once in awhile a face will appear at random in grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips. Not all of them are miraculous...

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