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July 31, 2008


Iowa man accused of biting off another man's nose

(Thanks to queensbee)


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...to spite his face?

alls i could think of was that movie cat ballou, with lee marvin, about 1965 - where someone bites his nose off and he has to wear a metal one. and of course, jack nicolson in chinatown....

Does the nose go with a nice chianti and fava beans?

yum yum jeff. haa. just think about how hard you would have to bite someone to bite thru his nose... and how drunk the other dope was to not feel it. i guess they dont have much to do in iowa.

I live in Iowa. There are a few other things to do. Like the giant cheeto or black squirrels or...nope, that's about it.

Still better than chicken saliva.

whole heartedly agrees with cj.

If you ash me thish guy should go to prishen for thish shorta thigsh.

Would you like eyes with that?

And the shovel came from....where?

Gucci Hoochi?

oops...wrong thread --------->

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