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July 29, 2008


(Thanks to Jason)


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But aren't they all schmucks already?

"Send a real Schmuck to Washington"

finally some truth in political advertising.

Well! A self-simul involving a schmuck. It's deja-vu all over again.

They're all schmucks anyway, right?

Once a Schmuck, always a Schmuck.

... well, that's what I hear!

... doesn't "Schmuck" have another meaning? In Hebrew?

Yes it does, Kibby.

Well, in Yiddish anyway.

So, who all is joining the mailing list?

Sounds like this guy was born to be in politics.

Ahhh ... Yiddish!

Finally a politician who tells it like it is!

only the men are schmucks. some of them are so bad, they can be called schmekeles. that would be a small version of a schmuck. a big insult for a small, eh... you know.

I've been voting for schmucks for 30 years... Show me somebody different!

Not to be confused with Schnucks, the St-Louis-based grocery chain

Of course, his slogan has already been used:

"With a name like Schmuck, he has to be good!"

Of course, his slogan has already been used:

"With a name like Schmuck, he has to be good!"

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