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July 30, 2008


A former pest exterminator lost in the Australian Outback survived by eating insects.

(Thanks to The Perts and Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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Conserves insecticide, same result . . .

Well, if he was an exterminator then at least he knew which bugs were the tasty ones.

How could he get lost in an Outback? There's all those tables and chairs and signs telling you where the restrooms are, and all those helpful waitresses ...


Never mind...

Throw another termite on the barbie.

Well at least they are good for something.

And it should be good to know, that living in Miami, you will never go hungry again.

OK, he is 52, a FORMER exterminator, obviously not a tour guide and not much of a prospector... he wasn't lost, he wanted to die.

Even lost in the wilderness of the Outback™, he could not get away from his vocational calling.

Theo Rosmulder, eliminating pests one bug at a time.

Oh, the Irony....

The "Green" way to eliminate bugs.

""The chap did say he saw planes on a number of occasions and waved items of clothing, but they didn't attract the attention," Sgt. Clifford said."

If only he'd have flung a bra towards the plane...

I am fascinated along with interested in what you are writing about here.

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