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July 25, 2008


(Thanks to Darla Pyron)


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They have a race car?


Did you notice the guy in the video ridin' with Richard has less brain activity than a three year old?

That'll go perfect with my cooter rub.

lil rascal's brain is chafing. Quick, somebody powder him.

*notes Siouxie can html whilst soused. Stands in awe. Changes shoes.*

Annie, as a matter of fact...I am Sauza'd

It's happy hour somewhere, no??

oh and *snork* @ "primate area"

Oh man, just a couple more hours and I'll be in Sauza-land with Siouxie. (stoopid werkin for a livin!)

I'd think that Cooter Rub might CAUSE monkey butt.

At least in some cases. NTTAWWT.

Oh, and if the Monkey Butt powder doesn't work, you can try Butt Paste.

Snork @ Sauza'd Siouxie! Have fun with Cap'n Morgan on the high seas!

So if this Monkey Butt race car is in a race and rubs against another car, is there chafing?

Rubbin' is chaffin'!

*hovers cursor over Photos button with mouse finger quivering*


(private message to Annie - got your message but all flustered at work - will call back later)

I actually saw this stuff at a gas station while we were driving on vacation last week.

Steve - it really works. Siouxie told me.

I don't leave home without it.

Aye, there's the rub, ya cheeky monkey!

I actually saw a commericial for this. When it was over I took a minute to make sure my pysch meds were still working then checked with my mom to make sure she saw the same thing I did.

This is exactly what Chris Knight needed for that "toy on his head" if he wore it anywhere else.

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