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July 29, 2008


(Thanks to Heather)


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And aren't their frat parties an absolute blast?

Dave, did you drink Red Bull® this morning?

Shocker. And here I was thinking it was between Miami and NYU.


OK- I'm out. y'all have fun keeping up with Dave today. I've gotta go to bed.

*Smooch* to all!

Yea, but Ohio State still has the only degreed drinking program...

Rather go here . . .

I don't know, I've been to some wild O'Douls keggers there. PARTY!

MKJ: been there, done that.

a multi-purpose drinking apparatus known as a "beer bong"

Wow, these folks really did their pop-culture research. Thanks for enlightening me today.

That they know of. Perhaps they are just better at hiding it.

The "B Y Zoo" student body might be underreporting consumption of a certain beverage.

At Wheaton, it would be really hard for undergraduates to consume less alcohol. The difference between the top two schools might be that grad students are permitted to imbibe if they live off campus.

I assume LSU was not included in the survey due to their professional status.

The Gators, ... wrested the party title away from West Virginia University ...

probably while WVU was passed out.

How do you get the beer to light?

For a truly higher education, go here.

what? they beat out jerry fallwell's college and bob jones U??

Whaaat? They beat out 'Old Miss" ?

So... was the "Duh" headline refering to BYU or the Gators?

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