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July 30, 2008


Man throws beer can, rock, pregnant dog at girlfriend

It was a chihuahua. But still.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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What, no kitchen sink?

First I thought it said he threw the dog at his pregnant girlfriend, but I guess that would have been wrong.

Although not first, let me be the first to say that when pregnant dogs are outlawed, only criminals will throw pregnant dogs.

I said "Take that bitch," not "Take that, Bitch"!

when i'm having anger management problems, i prefer sticking to the more traditional, paper, scissors, rock.

Let me get the time line right...

Last week...cops called for a domestic disturbance
Friday...man hits woman in head with beer can (I assume it was empty, no way he'd waste a full one on this gal)
Later Friday...woman drives man to neighboring township. Returns to happy (mobile) home to probably fix a nice home cooked dinner for her man.
Even later Friday...Man returnes home and again fights with stunned woman (who could see this coming?)

Too bad someone already picked up that 40 ft light pole he was about to recycle.

And he's so good looking.

OK, seriously, I sent this in Monday night. Are my e-mails not getting through?


This is about three miles from my house....likely he's a migrant farm worker. Alcohol is always involved.

"...tracked down by a K-9 unit. He was tasered ..."

Never turn the K-9 unit loose on a guy who commits Assault with a Pregnant Chihuahua.

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