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July 22, 2008


It's getting so a man can't even ride his mower.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Can't blame the authorities. MWI is a pretty serious offense. Maybe he'll get time off for having hit a few squirrels or something.

"Sir, I'm going to need for you to mow in a sraight line, then spell John Deere backwards please."

"Hold mah weed wacker & watch this!"

"C'mon baby, hold my beer and ride my mower."

Sounds like he has a head start on his community service.

How can we have a caption contest when they didn't even show a picture??

*zips in*™

I'm surprised the guy was alive with a .44 BA. At that level, some people would be dead, and others would be in a coma. My guess is that he's built up quite a 'tolerance', IYCMD.

*glad to see that Jazzzz wasn't involved in this incident*

"During questioning at the scene, he could not recall operating the mower. "

You drink enough to blow a .44, you'll forget your name, your first date, and most of what you learned at the Voc-Tech academy. Hey bud? That tinkling sound you hear is your dead brain cells cascading down your spine.

I can't drink fast enough to blow a .44. Honestly, you have to be chugging whiskey bottles. Not that I haven't seen it done up nort' here...

If he'd get one of these he wouldn't have this problem...

"Hey, Offisher, you wanna join me for a quick one?"

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