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July 17, 2008


Continuing in the ancient Costa Rican tradition of doing tourist things that require dorky helmets, we took an off-road ATV tour.


After three or four solid minutes of guide instruction, we mounted our ATVs ("ATV" stands for "North Atlantic Treaty Organization") and took off on a three-hour tour of the countryside, much of it off-road on extremely rough trails, which are virtually indistinguishable from the Costa Rican highway system. It was a great opportunity to really experience nature by driving past it at a high rate of kilometers. I enjoyed it immensely. I thought about quitting my job and hitting the road, just me and my ATV with the hotel towels strapped to the front with bungee cords. It was a nice fantasy, but it ended when I was forced to confront a harsh reality: I don't have a job.

Elsewhere on the nature front, we have an iguana hanging around outside our hotel room. His name (I can tell by looking at him) is Stewart. He is in the background of the picture below; in the foreground is my daughter's hand holding three of her dolls, Sugar, Honey and Horsey.


You can tell that Stewart is attracted to the dolls. But he is also wary of them. His heart has been  broken too many times.

We continue to see monkeys everywhere. They work hard, and get really annoyed if you don't tip them.


Finally, here's a picture of a pair of really cool-looking birds we saw the other night during our Guided Night Walk. They were sleeping, and you could get really close without waking them up. I forget their technical name, but I remember the guide said they are the national bird of Nicaragua. I don't know what they're doing in Costa Rica. Maybe they come here on vacation, taking a break from their national-bird responsibilities. The guide said there's a kind of bat down here that eats these birds, but fortunately we did not see one. We're nervous enough about Stewart.



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Of course you had an advantage over other drivers, Dave, thanks to your previous experience driving this.

I bet a cold one would have gone well with that helmet.

SSsssshhh! Don't wake the Motmots.

I think you woke the birds up with that photo, Dave!

Bieng bungeed down, at least the frood knows where his (hotel) towel is.

Sugar, Honey and Horsey look like they're having a great time!

Dave....you need some calf-high white socks to wear with those sandles. I hope the Costa Rican "fashion police" are not watching you. Of course, Stewart could be under cover.....I'd look before I go to bed.
Will you take the day off from the ATV to watch golf on TV?

This is great! Front row seats for Dave's vacation slideshow. No charge. Almost real time sharing of the vacation highpoints. Minimal time investment. Absence of mosquitoes, heat, and jungle showers. Priceless!

Where's the blue shirt?

Stewart is wearing it

does the monkey look pi$$ed off ?

Hey Dave! Nice Jesus sandals!

*wonders how many colons Dave has left after all these tourist trap adventures*

*thinks not many after the rough ride on the ATV*

Maybe Stewart can come visit MY iguana, Earl. (NTTAWWT)

Those birds look like they're bird kabobs...just sayin'

The monkey looks like, "Yeah? You wanna piece of me? I amuse you?"

Darwin was right. After several days of looking at Daves' monkeys, one can clearly see the resemblance between them and the first human - George Burns.

*snork* @ Punkin!

Where's da ceegar? (psssssssst btw...my oldest daughter is in Bahstan visiting her BF)

She's got a BEEEEE YOUUU TEA FULL day!

When is Mommy coming? :)

Welllllll...Mommy is going in November to see the Yale/Hahvahd game. I'll let ya know ;-)

*off to work now*


wonders how many of these critters sophie is stowing away for the trip home.

long as stewart doesnt wind up in the stew..and love your outfit.

apparently i have chosen (sort of) the right job, since my very FIRST reaction to viewing this post is "i have to look up the name of the bird!"

so... here:

it's the Beautiful Guardabarrancos

or, for those who are too lazy to cut and paste it for themselves, and would prefer to trust the random people who post here by clicking on unknown links:


Once again, You are evil Judi. At least I didn't get Rickrolled again.

AKA, the Motmot (7:11)

Oh judi. judi. judi.

You got me! BAD judi!

Latin name: Eumomota superciliosa

Yep, that's one supercilious-looking bird all right.

Although I can't blame it. That's the same look I have whenever the Paparazzi come barging into my bedroom taking pictures in the middle of the night. If I've told them once, I've told them a million times, I'm not Brad Pitt. I understand the confusion, and that's OK, but leave me alone already!

This is some trip, Dave! How many colons is this setting you back?

You forgot Turquoise-browed Motmot? How you you manage not to remember a name like that?

Mr. Blog, I don't care what Jazzzz says. Don't you dare cover up those legs. As judi has really, really been slacking on the posting of scantily-clad men-types, your legs are about all the beefcake we're gonna' see.

this is way off-topic, but:

Mike Antonucci, did you go to high school in NYC?

That ATV looks like it has a perfect rack in the back to hold a case of beer.

et tu, judi?

I must admit I checked and didn't get Barry'd.

the french would call it a "bon motmot"

Take away the ATV and replace it with a motorcycle and Dave could do a remake of "CHIPS".

... and would surrender immmediately to the birds.

that monkey looks surprisingly chassidic. maybe its the beard.

Daveboy your job is entertainment! Grandkid came in the other day and found me reading History of the Millenium with my cuppa cawfee next to a DB calendar. She said, "You're just all DaveBarry-ed up, aren't you?"

LOL i thought it was hilarious!

Dear Braniff:

I attended Regis High School in Manhattan from 1972-76.

The beak on the bird that JUDI linked is much bigger than the other Nicaraguan-Costa Rican bird. And judi? My whole office wondered why suddenly a scream eminated from my cube. That's a dirty, rotten trick, girl! (but I'm laughing) And will Mike and Braniff discover that they are long lost friends? Tune in tomorrow... or in a few minutes.

Mike A.: I had a suspicion. I was at Regis '69-'73. I see you have a web site but there's no e-mail link. How do I get in contact with you?

Mike and Braniff...sitting in a tree...

b l o gg i n g

and where is Motmot the Hooplehoople lately?
caption on 1st picture: "Do you know the way to San Jose?"

"...took off on a three-hour tour..."

Been there, done that.

Braniff: E-mail on the way to you.

Mike and Braniff...sitting in a tree...

b l o gg i n g

... with Bar-rrr-rrr-rrrr-rrrr-rrrr-yyyyy! UGH!

Actually, it's Mike and Mike!

Looks like the Nicaraguans have been taken over by the Illuminati, too, with the "pyramid and eyeball" thing on their money AND their flag. HA!

I think it's the skullcap that does it, Queensbee.

For Judi's link: "hover" is not just for bathrooms!

Looks sort of like those Elvis monkeys that were in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". They also resemebled the character that Shia LaBeouf played... And that would make them, wait for it, Mutt Monkeys....

I like the helmet.

Spaceballs flashback. I doubt if he's an a$$hole though.

So if they are Nicaraguan birds visiting Costa Rica why aren't they subjected to goofy-looking headgear?

I understand the president of Costa Rica had a new palace built. As is the wont of those who have uncontrolled access to tax-payers' funds, he spared no expense: the locals call his new digs "Costa Plenty".

As the thumb up is given, I picture a couple of yard monkeys having access to the desk key to Dave's room. And the Blog knows full well what that means.

The Monkeys have Dave's room key AND access to the internet apparently

Can someone please tell me where the heck is the Iguana? I've been staring at the photo and can't seem to find it.

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