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July 28, 2008


Scientists have established that men are indiscriminately lustful.

Key Quote: After 300 seconds alone in the same room as a woman they had never met before, and in some cases did not find particularly attractive, the men's testosterone levels of the hormone had shot up by an average of around eight per cent.

Of course, they'd get the same results if they put the men in a room with a high-definition TV set.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Only 8 per cent?

I'm betting our Blogettes could beat the pants off that average. So to speak.

300 seconds? What takes them so long?

Thank you, padraig. You may live to see another day.

"The men were also asked to rate the attractiveness of the woman in the room, and the results show that the testosterone increase was not influenced by the perceived attractiveness of the women"

What about Janet Reno?

so mating is 8 percent more likely to occur when in the presence of a woman than when alone?

sounds about right.

They should try checking saliva levels if say, a donut, were introduced into the scene...

MMMMMMM... donuts....

thanks for that update there, sherlock.

I was smacked not too long ago by a hi-def TV. Those Panas0nics have really great rear projection.

The subjects were 21-25 years old. The same thing would have happened if they put a female goldfish in the room. The crack of dawn isn't safe around guys that age.

I'd say the ladies here cause my levels to rise, but then Siouxie brandishes her machete and the "numbers" start to drop.

You can be sure it wasn't the sudoku . . .

And in other news, scientists have discovered that the Pacific Ocean is, quote, "quite moist".

O/T to Annie and all others using Feedjit on their blogs -- please have a look at my latest post. It could be that you're being horribly misinformed about your traffic.

Back on topic -- snork @ insom, and not just because he chooses my blog to use as a link farm. ;-)

"The stimulus people were told to engage in friendly conversation in a natural manner, or allow long pauses if the man elected not to talk."

Now that's a job title--"stimulus person"...

MKJ, I was thinking that, too. Plus I'd be curious to see what happened to gay men. Of course, their levels could rise if she was wearing cute shoes.

The study... involved 63 male students aged 21 to 25 who were not aware of the purpose of the study.

Of course not - they weren't aware of anything except that there was a chick in the room.

What if they asked them to turn on the radio?

Sadly, this product was not as promising as its headline indicated. Talk about your wake-up call - you'd never hit the snooze alarm again. When Siouxie gets back, I'm sure she'll know where to find one.

Stories like this without pictures are just--unarousing...

After 300 seconds alone in the same room as a woman they had never met before, and in some cases did not find particularly attractive, the men's testosterone levels of the hormone had shot up by an average of around eight per cent.

At last, a reason for any of Bill Clinton's escapades.

"The women were chosen on the basis of being moderately attractive for the student population."

"...levels rapidly increased by an average of 7.8 per cent..."

USC: +3%
UCLA: +14%

"The rise in the male hormone may also be the reason why men are more likely to tell women exaggerated stories about their job, career, education and earnings, the researchers believe."

See? It's not within our control.

Sort of like PMS


Annie, you actually think Siouxie doesn't already have one?

Indiscriminately Lustful WBAExcellentNFARB!

*zips in*™

You could just say the word 'woman' to a guy that age, or have it be on a chalkboard with nothing else in the room and his testosterone levels would rise.

I think this study also proves that some people have too much time on their hands, because IMO, this is pretty lame.

Love is blind - Lust doesn't give a damn

As the saying goes, women need a reason to have sex, men only need a place.

A good place for me to spend my Stimulus Check!

Maybe they just wanted to beat her to a bloody pulp, because she is better at Sodoku then they are.

It helps if the lady has kute sodokus

+8% means it "shot up"?? That's the physiological equivalent of a sleepy grunt.

This just in: Many men actually notice when a woman is in the same room with them.

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