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July 30, 2008


The 39th Annual Wausau Funday & Possum Festival

There will be entertainment, but as far as we have been able to determine it will not include Don Rickles.


(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Possums and Fun. Two things that are synonymous.

Will there be a possum skinnin' contest?

While in Wausau, be sure to check out the Possum Memorial on Main Street when you come visit!

and down on first street is the raccoon memorial and around the corner, the armadillo memorial and over on pine...

I've always been amazed by the opossum's ability to play dead. How do they manage to lies so flat and become so gooey by the side of the road? Eveolution is a wonderful thing.

Evolution, too.

Maybe I should go. While I was in Virginia, I saw two 'possums cross the road successfully in front of my car (and I did not have to take evasive action). [The incidents were a couple of years apart.]

*knows only geezers will get this*

What's wrong with a possum festival?

Got it, pogo.

I think I'll pass on the 'Pancake' breakfast.

Just want to warn all the folks at the festival that next month Friday the 13th done comes on a Wednesday, don't be fooled.

I don't need to go to Wausau for the Possum festival. There are two adult Possums and three baby Possums hanging around my backyard all of the time. I can have my own festival...that is until the dog gets them...

If I was there, I would definitely attend the hog callin'. I like piggies.

If Don Rickles did perform there.....

* "Is that a possum over there, or is that Phyllis Diller?"

* "Wausau? You named your town after a third-rate insurance company?"

* "My doctor told me last week that I wasn't supposed to get excited. Good thing I was coming to Funday in Wausau!"

True enuf, Albert, but as pogo coulda told you it was the turtle Churchy La Femme who always got upset about Friday the 13th ...

[reprinted from memory]

Churchy: Oh my God, I just noticed Friday the 13th falls on Wednesday this month!

Pogo: Come on, Churchy, Friday the 13th can't fall on a Wednesday...!

Churchy: It gotta fall somewhere...! It don't just hover around in the air...!


This isn't the start of another Pick On Cheeseheads Day, is it?

Good to know the geezers remember the good stuff.

Skoosh a bug, we gits rain.

I'm sure you'd be the guest of honor, pogo.

"Don't take life so serious, son. It ain't nohow permanent." -- Porky

That's what Dave's campaign needs -- more pizzazz!

Nice find, Steve.

"Cease that incessant drumming, Reginald! Sorry, Pembroke here was so fearsomely fortissimous that I thought you said..."

Now I need to dig Kelly's books out...

You could start here...

Thanks. Actually, thanks to Amazon and abebooks, I believe I have all the books at this point.

Hadn't visited that site in quite a while. They used to put up daily strips but didn't update all that often. Cool of them to put up those book pages.

quote from the 'about the festival' page:

"...try a sample of a variety of unique southern foods. The most popular treat, being, well you guessed it...Possum Ice Cream!"

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