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July 30, 2008


Princess Chunky


(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig, who says "I think I saw someone name Princess Chunky" at a strip club once.")


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Aaaaah! Someone took a rabbit and attached a cat head!

Maybe it should try the Abductor

Pretty hard for that cat to *slink in* ...

Princess?! That's the whole dang kingdom!

"I am going to start taking her out on walks"

Ummm, you generally don't take a cat for a walk; it's more of a drag.

She is fed only wet and dry cat food

Um, what other kinds are there?

I think frozen and plasma state are the only other options, Layzeeboy.

Stand up, Princess. Oh, she already is.

...all 44 pounds of her and just two pounds shy of the 1987 Guinness World Record for overweight cats.

Camden County Animal Control Officer Jim McCleery got the call Friday. A stray cat was prowling on a patio in the Ashley Run condominium development....

No, 44 pounds of house cat do not "prowl"....

Did somebody say, "McDonalds"? A lot?

"I think I saw someone name Princess Chunky" at a strip club once."

And then the cat ate her...

that is sad. unless they can get some weight off her, she will get diabetes, or thyroid disease, or arthritis. somebody, stop feeding her wet and dry food.... stick with less food!

"That's no cat! That's a space station!"

Wait, let me guess... she hates Mondays?

i don't know why but just looking at her makes me lol. i think i'll make her my screen saver.

(think elton john)

white-orange tabby
a little flabby
you've never missed a meal!

rescued kitty
lost in the city
once ate a homeless guy for real!

restricted diet
she'll have to try it
no record-setter here

purring loud
drowns out a crowd
looking hungry now i fear

don't sit on me, princess chunky
cut off blood flow to my privates!
leave behind a giant furball
you'll make a good fur coat some day!

When she sits around the house, she sits around the house...

The cat ate mother's toes.

I had a 32 lb tomcat once. He was part bobcat, a fact we discovered when we realized he was way younger than we'd thought. The shelter was about to put him down, thinking he was too old to place; in fact he still needed to nurse! We named him Huck Finn for his red fur, and ended up calling him Mister Finn when he became huge. He broke into my house once by jimmying a window. He ate dog chow from a malemute's plate while the malemute was eating. He was shot twice and scratched 100 times, and came back after a tornado. We don't know what finally happened to him, but it must have packed a .357.

I knew I could count on the blog. The Chicago Trib ran a story with NO PICTURE -- if you can imagine!
No wonder the print media is (are?) faltering.

Steve: LTTG but this is real. We got to see this over and over on the local news last night and this morning.

She is one fat cat.

I am feeling solidarity with this cat - not because I am huge or anything, but there is something about this cat's personality that just shines through.
Wish I didn't live on the other side of the country; I would so add her to our menagerie.

Telecom: She really has a sweet expression, and she looks like she would really enjoy being a pet--lap sitting, ear scratches, etc. I'd like her myself but my husband would get highly suspicious if I disappeared for two days, then came back with an obese cat, saying, "Look what followed me home!" I think he's already worried I'm going to sneak in a corgi some day when he's not looking.

Update: Apparently, despite the name, "she" turned out to be a he.

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