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July 29, 2008


It's time you knew.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Ah, but that would depend on your definition of "wasting time", wouldn't it?

So that explains the lack of attention with our ...um... whaddyacallit.
Hey, why am I salivating?

Oh, and I go online for the simuls. Nice one, Jeff.

guilty as charged.

I hate I wasted time reading that... I have this cave to paint and all. I think it is more likely that listening to idiot professors is the better indicator of mental illness.

*drops cave painting to read the blog*

Ooooooooh, Shiny

"Sufferers are also more likely to have accidents at home involving unmended appliances."

YEP! Sounds like kibby! Good to know there's a name for it now.

May be mentally ill? May be?

I wonder if Weingarten thinks we're all whackos?

Nuh uh! *looks out window at half-completed yardwork* OK, maybe a little bit.

Your point?

What they failed to address is how an elevated level of mental acuity carries a heightened demand in recreative behavior as it correalates with the regeneration of imagination centers of the brain. Increased workloads effectivcely demand a reciprocal of stimuli in opposition to -- AWW COOOL,l DOLPHIN OLYMPICS 2!!!

Knew what?

"unmended appliances" WBAGNFARB. And how did they know about the dishes in the sink? (Or, as we say in Philly, "zink")

Did someone mention beer, or am I on the right post?

*holds up macaroni art for all to see*

My Mommy says I'm special, that's all I need.

i resemble that remark.i'll just follow this link, and...........ooo.. how did they do that?

Dave's Blog has been shown to be an effective mental decay-preventive mentifrice that can be of significant value when used as directed in a conscientiously applied program of mental hygiene and regular professional care.

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