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June 29, 2008


A plane lands on a French rooftop.


(Thanks to Siouxie, who says "Surrender is imminent.")


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Mon dieu - I thought it was a 'vane du weather.'

They should leave it up there. It improves the decor.

Luckily the plane didn't hit the guy in the photo. Or it would've been totalled.

I wonder if the town surrendered

I think the guy is ready to, Mot. Right after he unclenches his sphincter.

...and dries off his 'oui-oui.'

Do you vant de coffee with de sugar, or de plane?

Looks like California to me.

Like all Frenchmen (And their autos,) they're programed to quit at the least provocation. They are also known to not wear underwear so as not to soil themselves (But use the shorts for surrendering) You could look it up ! French history: Boxer Rebellion

Something hinky about this plane altogether. No identifying numbers anywhere. Freedom flies, probably.

Dave, aren't you sending the pilot a Florida driver's license?

Zut alors! The plane was piloted by a little fluffy white rabbit with very sharp, pointy teeth...

frodolives: New category - French Pilot's License.

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