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June 27, 2008


Council turns dog poo pink

(Thanks to Amy Drees, Siouxie, sjhaller and Jeff Meyerson)


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First to not get the article to load!

So instead of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, it's pink for Beast Pile Awareness. Lovely.

Everyone thinks their dog poo don't pink.

If you use that "poop freeze" on it, think of the lovely "frozen piles of pink poop" (which wbagnfa girl's punk band) you'll have leftover to decorate.

Oh! I thought that was from Pepto-Bismol....

"The dog made a mess in the living room, but it's OK dear, it matches the furniture!"

Pink is the new brown.


I say jut spray the offending owners directly.

*that's like a jet spray*

Volunteers are spraying dog mess with pink dye in an effort to shame owners who fail to clean up after their pets, a council said today.

I'm a little unclear on the reasoning here. Do dog owners in England return later in the day to admire their pet's output, only to be mortified at seeing it dyed pink?

Maybe we need to ask Scooby about this.

Jack Black and Ben Stiller had this one figured out already in the film Envy.

My dog ate my daughter's lipstick the other day. For 24 hrs his poo was pink...and shimmery !

Snork @ bali. Hope it wasn't Mac or Lancome, as that would be expensive shimmery, pink poo.

bali's studying dog poop!

I say jut spay the offending owners directly. There, I fixed that for ya, Cat.

CJ? isn't that a little harsh??

That's the difference between England and the U.S. They dye it pink, we freeze it!

For those of you who think I look a little to closely at my pup's poo, I see what's going on because I'm a resposible pet owner and police his poo on neighborhood walkies. *big smug grin*

For God's sake, somebody open the blogbar!!

I'm thinkin' I'll just paint Colorado's Mountains pink. what the hell.

Blog bar is open.

YAY, Wyo! I knew you'd get here just in time! Can I have a very dirty martini, sir?

OK, bali, I'll buy you a beer, but that's twice you've made me gag tonight, so you're on notice!

*slides a beer to bali, and a paper bag to CJ.*

nice to "see" you both.

Ooo, a party hat!

beats a lamp shade.

Pink Dog Poo might/might not BAGNFARB...

Unless the council puts little flags in the poo saying "Bob Smith's dog Fido left this at 10:47am. Why don't you go over to his place at 14 Riverside Crescent and shame him?" I don't think it's going to make a difference.

P.S. Wyo, as a Coloradan, I just want to say: "Nya nya, we stole your mountain!"

P.P.S Apparently the blogbar is open in Colorful Colorado, too.

What exactly do you do with a stolen mountain? Seems to me it might be kind of hard to fence.

I need to drink and think about that

jug, that's kinda like closing the barn door after the horses are gone.

Well, I am glad you told me CJ. Thanks. Otherwise, I might have just finished my drink and still been confused.

Will!!!! Fellow Coloradan! Glad to know you, and glad I'm not (not knot or naut) (OK, TOO much information?) the only person on this blog who knows what it means to "bag a 14er"...

Well, fencing it after it's gone is just crazy talk.

oooopps! wrong thread... goes to this thread instead

Jug, you still up?

Guess not. Well, night, y'all!

National Poop Scoop Week

Is this in Washington, DC ?

Half a million poop scoop bags?

That's a lot of doggie-doo-doo ...

*wanders in, ready for breakfast, sees pink doo doo, decides to stick to coffee*

Morning, all.

Class, in unison: Gooooood Mooooorning, Mister Meyerson.

*sets out big bowl of cold watermelon and cantaloupe, and vat of coffee*

Good morning, Mr. Myerson.

Oh crap! I'm late!

*tries to sneak into class through the back door*

Siouxie - detention.

i thought all that pink crap was from those dye job poodles.

y'all have a good day now, hear?

why not orange?

how...imaginative. but i thought dog poo was good for soil?

The completely unnecessary photo of the unbepinked dog poo has a caption that says "a dog poo"
forgive me but Mr. Language person needs to put on his cape and fly to the rescue. The article a here is possibly illegal.
Also what kind of poo would orange dye create??

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