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June 23, 2008


Guys are not satisfied with mediocrity in any area, including toasters.


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And again the relentless juggernaut of science rolls on!

But can it do bagels?

Hi Hammie! Just like a guy to want to jam a bagel in there. You got a ptchfork to pry it out? If not, I'm sure that some of Mephisto's disciples around here can find one for ya'.

I guess even statues on pedestals have a right to their toast.

(psst, Dave -- thanks for the shout-out to Mrs. WD yesterday -- she loves that you came up with a funny just for her!)

I am not impressed.

I don't have a problem with flying toast, but they should really be working with a net....

For safety reasons and such...

So, what this is saying is that size does matter to guys... sometimes, of course.

I, and Dave I presume, need one. Now. Before breakfast tomorrow at the latest.

Estro, this is about more than size. This is ALTITUDE.

I never did trust those frakkin' toasters...

Steve! You're awesome!

I have been watching Battlestar Galatica obsessively for the past month.

So now I'm afraid of evil robots AND getting hit with flying toast in the morning. This is just great.

Isn't it the toasters that are supposed to do the flying?

That said linked, thanks also to all of you who congratulated Mrs. WD here night before last! (Didn't get a chance at the computer the last 36 hours or so...)

Welcome, WD.

Were you trying to link to something like this?

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Hammie, it will work with a bagel, but it drives the toaster into the cabinets, leaving the bagel slices on the counter top.

"I'd like to propose a toast!"

*Bloglits hit the deck*

"Hammie, it will work with a bagel, but it drives the toaster into the cabinets, leaving the bagel slices on the counter top."

Obviously we need counter-swinging weights to offset the angular momentum impelled by the toast launching subsystem.

*scribbles wickedly on drawing board*

*puts the Moaster on birthday must-have list*

pogo.....carry the 6

Just have the vision of spreading various toppings on my ceiling for just such an appliance. The fun to be had while waiting for the coffee to take effect.

Yes, but can it pop corn? I'm not giving up my cell phone just yet!

I wonder how you apply the toast to such a beast?

If you hold the plunger down, can you light the pop tarts on fire and then launch Flaming Breakfast of Doom 10 feet into the air?

Houston, we have a breakfast.

Flaming Breakfast of Doom WBAGNFARB

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