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June 13, 2008


This display now greets all visitors to the newsroom:


The sign on the rooster says:

Brought in by a Santeria priest (the real deal from Hialeah) to help save our jobs.
Make an offering.

The sign on the baby says:

Remember nuestros niños tengo (sic) hambre.


(Thanks to David Ovalle for this photo)

Video Update:    


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Pssssttt, Judi - check your linkies.

*zips in*™

How's your resume, judi? ;)

*adds accent mark over the last 'e' in resume*

You've had a great run at the Herald judi, but it's time to move on - FAST!

Who needs the article. Those highlights pretty much say it all.

You guys can't see the picture? It's as plain as day.

We want chix pics!

Good thing they didn't forget the beer as part of their sacrifice. Those Santeria gods are picky about their offerings.

What are you and Dave doing near a news room???

Siouxie - get off my head.

Although I did not know the gods liked Reeses™...

Chango must be PMSing.

*jumps off Punkin's head*

so sorry

The Herald Shrine?

I see the apple but they're missing the ceeegars. Don't they know anything????

I think if you want that offering to be successful, someone will need to add a bra in there somewhere. Just sayin' .....

Que es nuestros niños tengo (sic) hambre?

Since a fake chicken and a fake baby are being used, is this a Latter-Day Santeria offering?

our children am hungry, essentially :)

bali - "remember our kids I am (sic) hungry" (Apparently the grammar patrol doesn't cover Santeria offerings.)

Thank you, judi.

lol what judi said.

judi, you must go put something on there! It'll keep you from being fired all the time.

oh, i did! i put a "Thank You For Not Shooting" bumper sticker and a bottle of Wisconsin Rhino beer ;) I took a little video that i'll post on youtube tonight, but i have a new camera and don't have an extra cable for it so i can't upload it here at work. THIS is why that little flip vid is so much better!!!

*snork* Too funny, judi!

*starts singing*

I can see clearly now... ;)(pics, that is)

This is great - and scary at the same time.
judi, do you know who did this? I'm not asking who, just if you know.

psssst, Siouxie seems to know quite a lot about Santeria....just sayin'

Hi Eleanor!
FYI, there used to be chickens that lived in the yard at the end of Siouxie's street...

Hey, ec! LTNS - how goes it? :)

and thanks for the 411 on Siouxie. I understand a little more now. :-)

judi, do you keep a bottle of beer in your desk drawer on the offchance that you'll be needing it to make an offerring? *snork*

Yes, ec. And a goat. I did see one of their ritual parties one afternoon. Luckily, they moved out.

El, you can't be Cuban and NOT know about Santeria. As a kid, my family had a friend that celebrated one of the Santeria goddesses' feast every year and would put up a shrine just like that. At midnight, she'd go into convulsions and start talking in "tongue". We always went for the great food and music.

Good times!

El, a 6-pack is more likely...

Hark! The Herald's angels fleeing,
Santeria's the new thing;
Ink-stained wretches all get riled,
The ether's where stories are filed.
Joyful paperboys now sleep late,
Printing press is now paperweight;
Circulation goals not met,
Now the news is on the Net. ;]

Sioux, I thought YOU were the Santeria goddess. Now I'm confused.

Hardly, ec. I'm skeered of that crap! Those people are serious. I only use my machete power for good ;-P

well done cj!!

you know....as long as we're going with fake chickens, doncha think there'd be a lot more mojo in one of them big ole fiberglass ones ya'll got posted all over town?

Nice ditty, CJ; & nice simuling w/ya'!

shhhhh cg, those are roosters. We'll need to get a picture of you and CJ next to one of them babies next time ya'll come down.

Cute CJ.

you haven't ever looked at the office pics, el?

the 2nd pic on this page should clear things up:


you can see them through the window of the OLD office too... that should tell you why i'm not drinking them!


judi's linky #1

judi's linky #2

I guess I'm still half asleep, but I'm not sure what's going on here; not counting Dave's repeated wink-nudge threats to fire judi, is the Herald really in danger of going under? 'Cause this news hasn't made it into the Detroit area papers... Can't find any link to other vids or articles either, just larger versions of the Crapcam shots...

And why in the world would a racetrack need a Santeria priest??

Damn, missed Siouxie's links by 2 minutes. (voice of Gilda Radner) Never mind...

But I'm still confused about the fate of the Herald...

And why in the world would a racetrack need a Santeria priest??

Posted by: Steve Haller | 01:35 PM on June 13, 2008

steve, steve, steve. don't you want your horse to win?

i think all print papers are suffering right now.

Superbo, judi.

Definitely want to party with Siouxie and her (former) neighbor.

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santeria's coming to town

They're making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out who the Herald can slice
Santeria's coming to town

They see you when you're surfing
They know when you're a flake
They know if you can spell real good
So be good for goodness sake

Oh, you better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santeria's coming to town
Santeria's coming to town!

ROFL Annie!

Good of you to take some time off from skewering to grace us with your presence.

*winks* @ El!

Yes, beer is a good offering ... and chocolate!

The hazmat mask is a nice touch. btw - lots of papers going thru this right now...

But, where's the dead chicken? And no goat? This is Dollar Store Santeria!

*snork* @ Suzy Q -
"No goat....cheezboogie!"

Yes, judi, I've laughed at seen the office pictures many times. I just didn't remember the beer, there were so many other things to check out. :)

Thanks to you and Siouxie for the linkys, and to Annie, for finding a little spare time (IYCMD) to post a great tune. :)

*winks back at Siouxie*

Let us know if it works! judi, you should so work for NPR if it doesn't. You have that calming NPR sound to your voice.

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