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June 28, 2008


VAN BUREN, Ark. (AP) — Crawford County authorities say an inmate escaped the county jail and left behind a rose fashioned out of toilet paper because he felt sorry for breaking out.


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Now, if he just hadn't used the paper first, the gesture might have meant more.

What, no picture of his TP Origami?

Aw, I love a good feel good story like that to give me hope.

Yeah, Punkin' ... I wuz wonderin' if it smelled like a rose ...

Might give Gertrude Stein sumthin' to think about, eh?

Sheesh! To what is this world coming? My book clearly states that when breaking out of jail you should leave behind a forget-me-not.
Unless the warden was a jerk, and then it's okay to just leave behind a fart blossom.

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