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June 26, 2008


They will first force us to watch this.

(Thanks to Annie Woof-bark-here)


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awwww Molly's sooooooooooooooo cute!!!

and YAY for Annie!!

ok..but who won??

It's a shame the parents of these dog owners weren't spayed/neutered at very early ages... jus' sayin'

Okay, sad at the end! Boo!

Who let the dogs out?

Or this?

I wish the dogs would just hurry up and get the uprising over with. I'm growing increasingly uncomfortable with the look my two Idiot Dogs give me, especially as I'm getting ready for bed. It's a mixture of intense anticipation and careful study, as if they're memorizing my nightly routine. I've found crude diagrams tucked under their doggy-beds; though I can't be sure, I think they've settled on a plan to yank me bodily into oncoming traffic on one of their walkies, though apparently they're arguing amongst themselves about which one will sacrifice her own life for The Cause. I also don't much like the way they look at me when I shower.

I, too, wanna know who won! Find out , Dave (or judi) and let us know!

*snork* @ Annie Woof-bark-here (I didn't think to do that to my name)
The parade was June 8 this year in Santa Barbara. I can't find who won, but here's the main parade site. These people are woof wack.

I had to stop the video once I saw the women putting wigs on their Jack-Russels. Next time I catch grief for giving my dog beer I'm playing these types of videos in my head just before I tell them to go chase their tail.

Martini - dogs prefer vodka. Really.
Don't ask me how I know, but I've got a schnocker, and he's schnockered.

Yours possibly Annie, but whenever I'm throwing back the suds mine is barking for his share. I had to teach him to ask because he used to wait for me to take a sip and then knock it from my mouth so he could slurp up the mess.

You should maybe look into putting your hound in a 24-step program.

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