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June 03, 2008


Somebody has stolen the wardrobe of the Australian male strip revue "The Thunder from Down Under."

(Thanks to DavCat)

Stripper-Related News Update: Those of you planning to visit Bucharest, Romania, should definitely consider taking the subway.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie and Baron von Klyff and sjhaller)


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Hubba hubba...


"Thunder from Down Under" sounds more like a show about preparations for a colonoscopy than a strip show.

they were all out schmeering themselves with prep H.

Paging all Romanian units: Video required.

". . . it is a hardship and an inconvenience to them." Heh-heh-heh, hardship.

The subway did away with charging fares for ridership, but now there is a 2-drink minimum.


*books trip*

Suppose the subway starts having a cover charge? Would that make it leagel?

*considers late-night business plan*

One passenger, George Stancu, who witnessed the act, said: "I can't say I didn't like the show but I found it unusual. There are lots of kids who travel by underground and I just don't think it's proper. And I'd also like to add that I wouldn't mind seeing it one more time before she has to stop this bad behavior."

Article 1 - They were clothes???

Article 2 - I'm SHOCKED that any man would actually try to stop this

were = wear

*needs more coffee*

Not to mention "the sexually-suggestive sports photo of the week" in article 1...

1. I can't believe they came up with this in Bucharest before here in NYC.

2. Classic line: Her modus operandi is to play Tom Jones's You Can Leave Your Hat On on a portable CD player while taking off her clothes and dancing around a pole.

3. ?

Next time kibby takes the subway and starts hearing that song ...

Dave, now that you mention it judi has been pretty quiet today ...

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