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June 27, 2008


...you'll have to come up with your own surrender joke.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Well, it's not like the French were gonna use it, or anything.

That's why I never trust valet parking.

one way of farting in our general direction

'unearthing private ryan'

They could have kept it but they said no tanks.

You're busy?

A mechanical digger was brought in to clear away the earth around the tank so the experts could ensure the tank posed no danger, a witness said.

um...from the looks of it, I'm pretty damn sure that tank ain't going NOWHERE or shooting anything.

Snork at Meanie.

M5 was a scout tank. By the time any repair was done, schlepping it to the front lines was probably more trouble than it is worth.

Still, you'd think they could have turned it into a fountain or a flower garden or something.

It's kinda hard to turn a tank into a yard decoration when everyone surrendered and fled the scene.

(telephone rings)
Clerk: Hello, Department of Motor Vehicles
Irate French Citizen: I would like to report an abandoned vehicle.
Clerk: What kind of vehicle?
IFC: It's an American M5 tank.
Clerk: Are you sure it has been abandoned? The mother might be off gathering food. It's a good idea to leave these things alone so they can live in the wild.
IFC: Well, the war has been over for 60 years. I'm pretty sure you're thinking of wild animals and not a 16 ton tracked vehicle.
Clerk: Does it have a broken wing or a hurt foot?
IFC: It isn't an animal. It is a weapon.
Clerk: Oh, in that case, surrender immediately to the nearest person in a uniform.

Yes, France, just another reminder of why you aren't speaking GERMAN!!!

At the time of France's liberation, it was pushed in a hole and buried.

and this is how the French have been saying thank you ever since.

JP, I believe they also buried their cojones there.

Siouxie, I thought the sauteed them with sauce Bearnaise and served them with brie and bread. couille a la pain et fromage.

Makes you wonder what else they've buried. Anyone see Charles DeGaul lately!?

For leetle Gauls get beegga every day.

Thank heaven for G I Joes,
Without them we'll be sans Peugeots

Driving Beemers 'n Opels every day
Or, trinking Bier in a Cabrolet

(With apologies to Maurice Chevrolet)

*le snork* @ Ed!

Tanks for the memory:
Of things I can't forget, the Germans en brochette,
Our wond'rous days in Pas-de-Calais and Saint-Lo and Bolbec...
How lucky France was.

L'Arc de Triomphe est... oh, shoot, high school French classes fail me... I surrender!

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