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June 30, 2008


Woman Says Fake Fruit Ruined Her Implant

(Thanks to Larry Maretll)


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Fake fruit ruins fake boob - fake film at 11!

Police are searching for the following suspects.

Throw somethig at the other one. Done!

Reminds me of a line from Dennis Miller:

La Quinta Inn is spanish for "Next to Denny's"

Apparently this woman needs to take my new course which will show her how to defend herself against a person armed with fake fruit.

Tony, I'm afraid that seems to be a link to some forbidden fruit.

Were you perhaps referring to this shot of the perpetrators fleeing the scene?

"It was a drive-by fruiting!" (Apologies to Robin Williams).

Alternate headline: Apple Attacks Melon

Has anyone questions Carmen Miranda?

Is it just me, or are the first four paragraphs basically saying the EXACT SAME THING?

Sorry. Who has the gumballs?

Cat, apparently we're too stupid to figure out that she was hit on the t!t by a plastic fruit the FIRST two times we read it.

*passes out plastic gumballs*

Thanks, KJP. That's what Tony tried to link to - forbidden fruit o' de loom.
Cat - you're right. Someone was paid to write that 4 dang times. Someone besides us.
*tosses Cat a Gumball 3000 entrant.*

*Catches gumballs*

*Pops one in mouth, saves some for later*

Thnksch. Musch bttr now.

Obviously she did not get her implants from the same boob man as Victoria Beckham. Hers have been proposed for use as a missile defense system.

And the police are certain copious amounts of no alcohol was involved.

Well, then I was bit by an entire produce section!

Yanks down 'B' and throw up an 'H'... Sorry, t!ts got in the way...

So a plastic apple is tougher than a latex cantelope?

I drink your milkshake

Now if she had gotten hit by a melon, that would have been ironic.

Is that 5th comment really John Cleese from Monty Python? or a fake?

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