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June 26, 2008


Harassment of Cher.

Alcohol may have been involved.

(Thanks to Mike)


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Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves...

I got you, babe.

What a polite young man: Asks to be arrested, asks for a sobriety test... I'll be looking for his debut on "Cops."

After he groped her waist, it's a miracle she didn't break a hip.

Do you belieeeeve

in life for this thug?

♬ Do you believe in life behind bars...♫

GMTLikeCher, Siouxie!

^5 Cat!!!!!

Ok, I like Cher's old stuff* and all, but I just gave myself a truly annoying earwig.

*her music, people

From one of the comments below the new story about the arrested gentleman:

Houghland's family owned and founded Fleet Transport and Fleet Oil Company. They are considered to be Nashville Blue-Bloods.

Makes me kind of glad I didn't move to Tennessee.

You are exactly right "Not my usual alias".

Since you would form your opinion of an entire state based on the actions of one over-pampered citizen, we are much better off without you.

Headline of the day candidate at the right:

Multimillion-dollar marijuana field busted in Cocke County

Wow, she has slid. Used to be a time when she could straddle a gun turret on a battleship and get a boatload of seamen.

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