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June 27, 2008


(Thanks to Ken in Jax)


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I once installed a computer in a women's rest room. It was in an old warehouse building. The office was tiny and cramped but for some reason the ladie's room was huge. Didn't ask why it was already equipped with dedicated power circuits. There are some things man is not meant to know.

They sure better hope that bathroom doesn't flood into the server room is all I'm sayin'!

All I ever wanted in the men's restroom was a pool table and a beer tap. But nooooo, all the cool stuff goes in the women's restroom.

fivver? hair dryer. sheesh.

"Hey! Who attached this minicamera to the server?"

"Your honor, I was performing maintenance during the incidents of voyeurism occuring on a regular schedule the Plaintiff is referring to."

Employees must wash files before leaving.

our men's room is a veritable hole... the women's room has a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng hallway leading (past the entire men's room) to a lounge-y area with a nice couch, a chair, a coffee table, and a separate shower room, a window overlooking the city, plus the restroom-room with about 6 stalls... someone has decided this year to 'beautify' it with fake flowers in little vases, doilies for the table, etc... it's a little TOO floofy for me now, imho, but boy did i love that couch back when it didn't smell of girly crap in there!

Comment from the linked page:

"I'd hate to have to debug a core dump in there."

Major snork at Dave's title.

"I'd hate to have to debug a core dump in there."

The actual term (back when it referred to actual core memory) was "pick through a core dump", which sounds even worse.

Not sure what the big deal is. My server's room is right next to my bathroom. So he can hand me towels.

Rrrrrrricarrrrrrrrrrrdo??? Time to drrrrrrrrrry por favor!!

That's what I'd like to know MKJ.

Back in the day, our mainframe was in the basement of one of our branch buildings, chilled to perfection (brr!) at all times, and the toilet and sink were off on one end with a flimsy door between them and the coffee nook.

There was only one woman who worked in the department -- the long suffering secretary -- and several men.

I'm sure the only reason there was soap in the "bathroom" was because of her.

Ah, the good old days. Pre-server, pre-internet, pre-laser printer. There was taking of database dumps, and lots of cussing. Ashtrays everywhere.

*I miss my job*

*And the old guys too*

Does it have a wide stance?

*chilled to perfection (brr!) *

Cat R - did the folks in the office have ICBMs?

They'll have to install a two-ply firewall. And all the talk of ONE and TWO won't always be binary code.

I am guessing they did. Quite IC indeed.

Someone took advice from the BOFH again, didn't they.

Urm, Martini? Two isn't a part of binary code; don't make me get out my rant generator, young man.

I once worked at a movie theatre where the only way to the projection booth was through the ladies' room. ISIANMTU. It worked fine with our female projectionist,... but "not so much" when I was on the clock. I tried to be sure I was in the booth 10 minutes before a reel change. But, if I cut it close, and the women's room was occupied, the film didn't start again until I could gain access.


Did realize that, but thought it funnier to include the deuce. But thanks for the "young man" comment. (raises a porter to CJ)

Now that blood-borne pathogen concern has reached the level of Federal Gov'ment statuatory law, and the need for "feminine hygiene disposal stations" in bathrooms at the workplace, wonders if "computer virus" is going to take a whole new meaning...

Also, Vista (Spanish for "view") takes on a whole new meaning... jus' sayin'

frodo-re your 8:16, yes, you said that out loud. You have to sit with bali in the gross-out corner of the BlogBar.

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