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June 20, 2008


Key Quote: “What about the kicking?” I ventured. “I thought it were wind,” she said.

(Thanks to judi, who claims she knew)

UPDATE from judi, thanks to queensbee: We are pretty sure this woman knew.


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Wind? Yeah. That's the ticket.

I know ADHD is an epidemic, but not so much so that you don't notice you're pregnant. However, I'm a Thanksgiving baby, so when my mom was in labor she thought it was acute indigestion.

I'm with judi. I knew.

I knew when judi was pregnant, too. Although I took Dave's advice and never ever mentioned it.

She thought it were wind?

I think she were stupid.

I, on the other hand, felt like I was pregnant. Turns out it were wind.

"Sir, I think I can see a head between her legs.”

I hate it when that happens.

Some girls are more surprised that they're not pregnant, apparently...

Can you get a discount on your auto insurance if you have bumper boobs?

Danny, a good pair of bumper boobs can get someone a discount on most anything.

LMAO Hammie. (try beano)

The thing that kills me with these stories of women who don't realize they're pregnant is they have apparently easy labors -- delivering in a hotel room, a car, a bathroom stall. Should be so lucky!

Actually, when I was making a routine ob/gyn visit, my Dr. mentioned she'd spent the morning dilivering a baby to wa woman who didn't know she was pregnant. I told my sister and she said "That's gotta be Clueless Cathy from the office!" jokingly. Two days later we ran into CC at the local KMart, buying baby things. Sister was spot-on!

De-Nile is incredibly powerful, as apparently, this woman's "wind" is. I'm with Holly - how can you go through that and think it's "wind" ???

I think the proper English phrasing is:
How can you go through that and think it are wind?

I think I are going home before the next hurricane passes through Miami.

Well - the one girl's baby was 14 weeks premature... still, aren't these women noticing they haven't had a period since last [winter|spring|summer|fall]?

The woman in my story was quite obese, and hadn't had a period in years, she said. But when the baby goes rolling around and kicking, I think I might have noticed. Probably.

"During the consultant's round on the gynae ward, a medical student interrupted with the immortal line: 'Sir, I think I can see a head between her legs.'"

To which the consultant replied, "That's great. Now turn off the Internet and examine the patient."

*snork* Danny - I stand corrected !
(actually, I'm sitting, but anyways ...)

Siouxie - I wish I are going home - the a/c is better there and we have wine !

So 'Wind' got her pregnant? Maybe she needs to quit blowin' in the Wind.

I guess she thought that was the answer, my friend.

ive never had a baby. but i'm betting i'd have figgered it out within, oh, a month... there are just some telltale signs.
oh blimey, look what i've did!

sort of reminds me of that Ellen Degeneres line:

"I don't have any children.... that I know of."

That was Ellen, Clark? I thought it was Paula Poundstone, but then I thought Obama was the name of the fight song for the Crimson Tide.

*snork* bali. and, uh, wasn't paula the one with a child molesting charge pinned on her? maybe she meant ... something else.

I've just been told I have two ovarian cysts. Does that mean I'm having twins?

clark - I use that line all the time. You'd be surprised the people who don't get it. Or not.

You're having cystahs?

Diva, nah, she caught a DUI with her kids in the car. Not a molester, just an ingester. Not that that's a good thing, either.

molestor? ingestor? It were wind.

Maybe it was Paula... I always thought she was pretty funny too.

I remember her whole routine explaining why and how she ate all the Pop Tarts in the box in one sitting..... It made perfect sense to me.

Cystahs? Bwah! I am TOTALLY stealing that, Annie.

No, Doc, I have no idea how I could have gotten pregnant. Must be something in the water.

Important message for Ally Ashwell of Newcastle.

*SWATS* JayP - THAT was sooooooo wrong!!! :D

It happens.


Hey, it's a Black Mom-Bah.

*groans @ JayP*

"There's a sucker born every minute".


If she just were a sucker, she wouldn't have gotten pregnant.

Having twins that big is a perfect example of why God invented cuss words.

I wasn't referring to the article subject.

But, wowie - what a clever observation.

Nor do teenagers who believe myths such as “you can't get pregnant if you do it standing up”.

That's a myth?

*zips up*

Uh, never mnd.

@ clark Kent
@ Baligirl

Not to be overtly obsessive, but it was Caroline Rae who said that line. Why I remember this kind of minutiae and forget algebra explains quite a lot.

"But Judge, if she didn't KNOW she was pregnant, how could it be mine?"

I think it's the perfect paternity suit defense...

That's the last time I buy a Voldemort-brand toilet.

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