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June 28, 2008


Now they're using muskrats.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko and Annie where-but-here)


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I'm from Missouri. Show me your muskrat. Or any other relevant rodent you may have on your person.

The poor muskrats were probably just doin' the jitterbug in muskrat land.

Siouxie and Sam, I believe their names were.

*Shows lil rascal her beaver*

*Loses any capability of commenting whatsoever amid SNORKage @ Punkin*

*Hey, the forum has become the beaver shot palace*

Meanie - if you only knew how much wood my sweet little beaver has brought me. ;)

Refering to the previous thread's mention of symbols, I have belonged to the WOY club since 4th grade. In keeping on topic with this thread, can anyone identify the place where a beaver can be found in that organization's symbol:


Dang! Only beavers we got over here are in the zoo.

At the risk of my career and livelihood, here is an organizational symbol containing beavers (on the left, middle). [We operate a number of dams, hence the beaver connection].

So, obviously the state of New York hired the best illustration writer available to draw that symbol up. He has no doubt drawn up the illustrative instructions for some of my finer furniture in box.

I knew that muskrat love was nothing but trouble.

*standing O for Punkin and her beaver*

(Wish I thought of that one!)

Ikea - a wholly owned subsidiary of the State of New York. (Anyone who has attempted to assemble their wares will know that symbol interpretation is more important than reading to them).

I know beavers

My son is excellent at understand retarded illustrative instructions. I don't know, He just is and since he was like four. I usually pay him to take care of anything from Ikea.

Maybe we could pay him to translate your posts. ;)
Although I'm not sure I want to understand you.

Australia's top treasury official is taking five ten weeks leave to look after endangered wombats (editor's note... Please insert "and muskrats" here).

One time He inadvertently screwed 'A' into 'C' when 'B' was overlooked and totally misrepresented by the 'tard the company hired as writer. I mean the 'B' sticker was clearly properly placed. That particularly useless piece of furniture worked really well to store old useless stuff in and is out on the back patio. It is crusted with dust and warped so bad it won't fit in the trash. I use the handy assembly tool it came with to take space in my kitchen drawer. Once in a while I pull it out and ask my wife, "what is this for?"

And she says, "Ask the pool boy"?

I built her computer(s) so she know better than that. Unless he owns the company.

While we are on the subject of beaver's and Annie's facetious misbegivings, LOL, I once emailed a highly technical question to a company who's technical support originated from Taiwan. Tech support wrote back one sentence like:

Extract Egg Roll folder from .exe files and attach and burn it to your wong.

I stared at the response and thought, "what a dip**** writing this jap crap back to me." Then I carefully deciphered (figured out what the English translation might look like. With a pencil and paper.) and his instructions worked perfect! LOL. To this day I have his message saved on my other computer. I still refer to it when I want to send someone comical instructions on how to make a SATA boot floppy for that chipset. I can do an obscene Asian illustration for Annie if she doesn't understand yet. (See above Asian instructions for further explanation if needed.)

Elvis has left the building.
And his mind.

Did Elvis leave to go beaver hunting?

Siouxie and the Muskrat Terrorists WBAGNFARB.

Slinks in®

Beavers -- check. Standing O's -- check. Burning wongs -- check.

Carry on.

Slinks out®

I havr no idea what I am snorkning at, but *SNORK*

(I think....)

When you refer to me in the first person, I prefer Frank.

And Annie you have a lot to be desired if you are comparing beaver's with Punkin's.

Wasn't Punkin and the Enormous Beaver written by Roald Dahl?

Sometimes this blog could use some decent subtitles.

Yes, Annie, presumably in English. But it's not helping at all.

BTW, I just got my package from judi with my honorary colonoscopy grown-up certificate and Paris H. toilet paper, along with my German-edition of the Guide To Guys.

Yes, the postman was puzzled.

Annie, I'm surprised at you!!! When you bring up how the blog could be improved, you USUALLY offer suggestions! Such as (and I already know it's lame, but in order to get the discussion started)... "Muskrat love sandbags"

That's great MTB. I was so hoping to win the Barry Manilow CD and take care of the birthday gift for my wife. She would have played it in the car when were driving. Use your imagination. Now I'm stuck listening to Frank.

I'm puzzled too. I thought you wanted the Barry Manilow DVD ... ? 'Course I can understand how judi might be loathe to part with it ...

OK, this is OT\

See, I lost my wallet and don't think it was stolen, so I gave it several days to turn up. Finally, I decided to call Amex and Visa and close my accounts/ get new cards. Easy enough.

Then I went online to see if I could get the Driver's License done and sure enough, I could. If I had a Visa card!! Gah!! (It wouldn't have mattered if I had reversed the order, because I would need the actual card in my hand to get the security code off the back; otherwise, I would be out in the garage right now, crushing my danglies in the bench vise for cancelling the cards before replacing the license).

And here, Dave gives away FL Driver's Licenses just about everyday!

[it may be a good idea to scan fronts and backs of cards and file the scans, for occasions such as these]
End OT\

You just bought new clothes at Kohl's. 75k worth!

Yeah, the lady at Amex told me about that. However, all of those lap dances were an even bigger blow shock!

Steve H - I had planned to get the DVD for Dread Pirate Chris in retaliation for his blatantly numeralist remark about threes. But without an address for him I wasn't about to suffer the derision of my postman when he delivered it.

Not sure what the problem is with threes, but I'm intrigued by the thought that your mailman has any business reading your mail or commenting on your packages. Dagwood Bumstead puts up with that every day, but he also knocks the mailman down running out the door, so at least his carrier can say he's entitled to snoop, I guess...

I was just joking about the postman, although my town was one of the earlier sites to have a postal employee blow away a couple of coworkers and customers.

We had a postman once. He always rang twice.

Back on topic, hey Punkin!

Hey, Wyo! How's things up in God's Country?

they're well, thanks, bali. just got word from O the U that he'll be visitin' here in August. Lookin' forward to seein' him.

That'll be fun, Wyo. How's the family?

CJ - We like our beavers fluffy, thank you.

*prays Dave will post something - anything - SOON!!!*

they must be ok, I've not heard from many of them of late. life is like that. you?

*flaps in for a moment, waves @ everyone*

Condolences, CJ! Congrats, Meanie!

Lord almighty,
I feel the water; it’s rising
Higher, higher
It’s turning dirty as coal
Whirl, whirl whirl
Our circumstances are dire
Rain inundating
I don’t know which way to go

It swishes swiftly higher
While my feet stick in the mire
Why was our levee built
Of earth and mud

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
I feel the water still rising
Muskrats, they’re blaming
They must be out of their minds
Churning, churning, churning
What they say don't fool me
I just might start to choke
I’m in a bind

“Cause it swishes swiftly higher
While my feet stick in the mire
Why was that levee built
Of earth and mud

It’s coming closer
The waves are reaching my body
Please won’t you help me
I feel like I’m slipping away
It’s hard to breathe
And my chest is heaving
Lord Almighty,
I’m drowning, and I can’t be saved

Cause the water’s rising high
But the bureaucrats still lie
The levee—say goodbye
To earth and mud
To earth and mud
It’s just a bunch of hunks of churning mud
Just a bunch of hunks of churning mud
Just a bunch of hunks of churning mud
Just a bunch of hunks of churning mud
Just a bunch of hunks of churning mud
Just a bunch of hunks of churning mud

anybody that can work "bureaucrats" into a song is very high on my list.

Just sayin'.

(got your last email, ducky, workin' on a response.)

Ducky, you rock!!

Wyooooooooooo! Thanks!

Gracias, bali, how the heck are you? I miss y'all so much. My life is getting in the way of my blogging!

Wyooooooooooo! Thanks!

Gracias, bali, how the heck are you? I miss y'all so much. My life is getting in the way of my blogging!

Oops! Guess I miss y'all so much, I had to tell you twice.

Wyo, I'm doing better everyday, thanks. The kids are too. Kinda quiet around here tonight, huh?

Ducky, I sent some storms your way. Sorry...

perhaps we need to open the blog bar.

Good idea, Wyo. What'll ya have?

bali, we're so parched right now that even storms would be welcome.

Wish I could have a drink with you, but I must flap off. Y'all have a good night!

one last sunshine wheat beer... as I'm about to retire. anymore, an' "nature" would awaken me too early.

Missed you by that much, Ducky- brilliant composition, as usual!

My fambly and I just came from one of the top five funniest movies I have ever seen- "Get Smart". I have to confess to a little stress incontinence from laughing so hard at one of the scenes at the end. We also saw Wall-e, which was also great (but I expected that).

Bali- send some of those storms our way!! We are parched down here in the ATL! In the meantime, I'll have what Wyo is having, if the blog bar is open.

hello all my dear friends. Wyooooooooooooooo !!! CJ....the amazing Ducky...(how's the tea tasting?) Punkin'...Bali...MTB...Steve...anyone I missed. And El, Siouxie, AWBH (where ever you are but here).Miss you. I guess I'm feeling sentimental. anyway, good to see you......sincerely, Azzzzhole (!@!)

Hi, Angie, (vertigo's almost gone now, btw. thanks for your input) an' g'night all.

g'night, Jazz. Count backwards from ten.

*sets up beers for everyone*

ddd, I'm off to Coz tomorrow for a week of papparazzi-in' the marine life and drinkin' beer. Sometime you oughta lemme know when y'all are going down, we could meet up. This trip is at Park Royal, just meeting up with some friends, not a shop trip. It'll be my first trip ever all by myself, and I'm really looking forward to a quiet, non-working week. What are those called? Oh yeah. Vacation.

and....*snork* !! I prefer to have my patients recite the preamble to the US constitution backwards is Latin. Oddly, I haven't had anyone finish yet.

Jazzzz, I can sing "Happy Birthday" backward, but so far it hasn't made me younger...

Bali- great plan! Have a great time (didja see my video of my Ga Aquarium dive on my site?). Be sure to take lots of pictures- I hope the reefs have recovered. We were there in March and Chakanaab had about twelve fish in it.

Jazzzz- let me guess they say, "Uhhhh...zzzzzzzzz"

in.....IN Latin....which I know no one speaks. I was unfortunate to have 4 semesters of it... I only attempted suicide once.

Slinks in for a minute®

Hello, everyone. CJ, Mr. R lost his wallet (in the house) this week for several stressful hours.

We looked for it: in the refrigerator, in the pockets of all pants he owns, in coats (yes, in June), on top of the refrigerator, in the kitchen drawers, in the garage, in the cars, in the bathroom, in the medicine chest, next to the pool, under the bed, in the bed, on all the desks, in the trash cans, inside the couch, under the couch, under all the beds, in the closets, in all dresser drawers.

My daughter found it. It was on the computer's underdesk keyboard tray.

I hope yours turns up soon.

Yes, ddd, I did! That looked fun! I was in Coz the last part of March and the southern reefs and walls were good. Tons of turtles and sharks. But you're right, slim pickin's at Columbia Shallows and Paradise, as well as Chankanaab. It took about 4 years for the reefs to recover from Gilbert in '88, so maybe we're on the upswing now.

Hey DDD....thought of you last week as we had a plethera of Darwin finalists. We were able to salvage ....uhhhh, several "parts" for others to use.

Cat, cay you have her look for my keys to the riding mower? I was sure I left them IN the mower. And it's starting to look like I'm gonna have to bale instead of mow before I can leave on vacay.

Pffft. It'll be here when I get back.

Well, you know what they say. It's always in the last place you look. I hate when they say that.

It's always a man who says that, too. Right before you shoot'em.

Well, off to bed for me. Have a good evening, blogits -- g'nite, bali. Hope you find your keys.

Slinks out®

Nite, Cat. No worries, somebody'll mow it. If they wanna get in the house.

But of course it is in the last place you look- you'd be a fool to keep looking after you'd found it!

'Nite, Cat! And Mr. ddd says thank you for the kind birthday wishes.

I bet the keys to the mower are next to the 68 week old stick of chewing gum that always ends up in the bottom of women's purses. Did you look there?

No Jug. You chewed it last night, remember?

Is that what that was?

Yeah. You just thought it was beef jerky.

Tasted like chicken


I'm back from the Marlins game (we lost) and KC and the Sunshine Band concert after the game (AWESOME!). We shook out booties, put on our boogie shoes and got down tonight!

(judi, you missed a great show!)


Boogie shoes?
Heya Siouxie LTNS

Hey jug! Came back to turn this off. I'm pooped from boogying I guess. You gotta know KC's songs. Sheesh!

Off to bed. Niters!

'Nite Siouxie! I'm sure those boogie shoes are drop-dead-fabulous!

I'm off to bed, too. 'night!

Good Morning!

*places out fruit and calls the omelet chef's mobile to find out where the he11 he is*

What? No omelette's?

Good morning all

removes superfluous ' from above post

Henri says he was in broad-sided by a dump truck and therefore immediately surrendered. He may be a while.

8sets out coffee*

At least there's coffee. Mornin', all!

Ok hand me the apron, I'll make the eggs.
Thanks for the coffee bali

Thanks, jug.

Bali- I thought you were in Me-hee-co by now.

Morning crew - I was at a small party last night and heard the host mention they had 3 bottles of champagne in their fridge since Thanksgiving for which they had no use. I deigned to ease them of their spiritual burden (because I'm a helluva guy)

Point is - mimosas anyone?

starts hanging around with martinishark's friends hoping to snag useless booze. weirdos!

I'd love to, but I've got to work later today. Having a little Hair of the Dog?

No DDD, I have an affliction known in some parts as "Restless Weekend Syndrome". I have to self-administer treatments.

Morning CG -- The explanation they gave me was, "We're wine drinkers." I could have gone into the particulars of the creation of champagne except,

A: It required effort.
B: Might have talked myself out of 3 bottles of giggle-juice.

I'll have a mimosa or 2. Still tired from the dancing last night.

Martini, next party you bring the booze man...you got plenty!

ddd- I LOVED the video card you made the hubbinin!!!

Good mornin'!!!

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