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June 01, 2008


(Thanks to CJrun)


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*zips in*™

Huh? Where exactly were they? I need a guy to explain this.

My nuts are firmly attached.

The man may well have thought long and hard about placing himself in the difficult situation.

tee hee - they said "long and hard".

Probably not, after the surgery.

"It was not clear how the situation arose" ... !

And you call yourselves doctors, gentlemen ... !

heh..they also said "arose"

This guy's got a few screws loose (IYKWIM)


"long and hard"

I think the anonymous Daily Telegraph copy writer had a chuckle with that one, as did the photo editor by the looks of the accompanying illustration with the caption,

Hardware ... Washers can be dangerous.

"Berowra Fire Rescue officers were called to alleviate the man from his awkward predicament at 3am."

I guess Hillary was right about those 3am phone calls being really important.


"Hello. President Hillary here."

"Help. I've got washers stuck on my penis."

"Oh, shutup, Bill. Just get home in time for the breakfast meeting."

I did not have sexual relations with that fembot ... !

Morning snork at SW!

In answer to El (and with apologies to "There's Something About Mary"), I think they were in the Frank, not the Beans.


last time that happened to me, I used vaseline might work...

Or WD40...

Im' thinking the guy was going after a Prince Albert


Sorry, rebekah, maybe shoul'da warned y'a on that...

I guess we will never know just what he was trying to accomplish. Somebody might want to hide the screws from him.

Upon hearing the immortal words, "Some men are born to greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them... OK, Im' not going any further... your'e welcome...

So, Hornsby -- was the town named after Progress Hornsby, or is that going back too far even for the rest of you guys on the geezer bus?

OMG, two, REPEAT TWO, LOTR parodies on same thread. One word... frodo lives... no, that's two... one word, frodolives...

...not tryi'n to blow my own hornsby or anything...

Uh, Frodo .. what happened, man??

*SNORKS* Hey, Steve, ya wanna throw a few bucks my way to buy a new computer after I SNORTED BEER ALL OVER THIS ONE????

Sorry, man, but you should never drink and hard-drive ...

DAM'n, now I gott'a replace the replacement!!!! ROFLMAO!

The penis. Mightier than the sword.

Steve, thanks, that explains alot.

slinki'n back into character regular form the blog now, what was the subject?

That's just the way it is. Some things will never change.

They did the surgery in an "operating theatre." Great. Just the time you want to make your stage debut.

Slinks in®

That slink®'s gonna cost ya, frodo.

All right. One freebie. Because that was one funny-as-hell parody.

OK, slow on the uptake (like THATS' NEWS?!?!?) Try this instead

That's so generou's, Cat, Thanks!!!!

(btw, does "freebie" mean ... never mind, I proll'y would do better not knowi'n)


It means, unless you've got nine lives, better quit while you're ahead.

Slinks out®

As previously stated, Cat, doi'n better not knowi'n... OUCH

snorks all around. had the same reaction to It was not clear how the situation arose.
The man may well have thought long and hard about placing himself in the difficult situation.
tee hee and kudos to the writers.
guess a 4-hr stiffy wasnt enough for him.

Once when I worked at the diner I got my finger caught in the dishwasher, and we both got fired.

Bah-dah bing!

An experienced, um, hand would know not to use lockwashers.

*groan* @ Stevie!


I'm an American that lives in Sydney, Australia near Hornsby... we hadn't heard this story here yet! Australian women are gorgeous, so I don't know why he would need to hook up with washers... and ten of them at that! I just don't get, at what point in one's life that seems like a "good idea," let alone doing it ten freaking times!!! Ha ha... thanks for the laugh.

Maybe his penis is magnetic? I'm just glad mine attracts women and not metal.


Oldie but goodie *SNORKS* (hadn't heard that one in a long time!)

also, *SNORKS* at Meanie... "lockwashers... the new tomorrow..."

I'm kinda glad no one mentioned the associated photo gallery to the blog-gals. *shudder*

still wonderin'g why nobody has' made this comment

One time, at band camp...

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