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June 30, 2008


They are wrong.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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First, if I am not Wrong.


. . . and it's not an 'ATM machine', that would be 'Automatic Teller Machine machine' . . .

(I used rubber gloves, typed with a pencil, and wore a Richard Nixon mask while I made my First post.)

shadowkat? that was you?

Shadow. We know.

Damn. I had the whole hiding thing figured out, and then I blew it by confessing.

Confessions are redundant.

Next thing you know, it will be unlawful to wear a ski-mask when cashing a check at the bank.

Hammie, just wear a thong. It's the IN thing now.

ATMs ask too many dang questions anyway. If I have to 'press one for English' just one more time, I'm gonna put my fist right through the machine. Do NOT get me started.
Oops, you got me started. (sound NSFW)

LOL Annie.

I think the surgical gloves were what pushed the people behind him to call the police. You can only wait so long in a line for an ATM before you snap.

I agree, Kathybear. Having the ATM ask you a bazillion questions doesn't exactly speed up the process.

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