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June 30, 2008



(Thanks to Siouxie onterrible, who is not Siouxie)


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Dammit. I've been tying my shoes wrong all these years. Now I have to have a stranger on the internet tell me.

D@mn you, mom and dad! If it hadn't been for your slip-shod training I could have been making a 6-figure salary by now!

Someone has way, way, way too much time on their hands.

Is it time to go back to penny loafers?

Ian scares me. That is all.

Not to offend, but didn't the blog blog this last year??
Judi Someone should be fired!

Hey, we don't remember what we blogged this morning.

"Ian's Shoelace Site - Bringing you the fun, fashion & science of shoelaces"

I guess he couldn't figure out the sarcastic strike-through tags.

Bringing you the fun, fashion & science of shoelaces

Whew. Dave, thanks for straightening that out. I was pretty sure I wasn't onterrible.

Actually, I've used this guy's site a couple of years ago... I bought a hideous pair of basketball shoes (orange and purple in a size 17) and was looking for an equally striking way of lacing and tying! Thanks for reminding me!

I'm guessing Ian is a regular on the Speed Dating circuit -- and by regular I mean, "Often goes home alone to work on his arcane web site."

SHE: Soooo, you operate a shoelace website. What else do you like to do?
IAN: Well, tonight I'm going to be working on a bi-colored Celtic Knot design with a pair of Chuck Taylor Black Fives. The trick is to--
SHE: Oh thank the heavens! (zip...)

*checks out Ian's shoelace site - quickly loses the will to live*

If he's getting more hits on his blog than mine, perhaps I should consider a lovely Celtic knot for my hangin' noose.

Yes, I admit to already having this site bookmarked. It was nice to see a familiar face, so to speak

dws698, now that is funny.

i'm guessing he also goes to star trek conventions. IAN! get out from behind that computer....

That was incredibly interes....*whump* ZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZ....

Geez. If I'd known you were interested in sites like that, I would have sent you the link last week, when I first discovered it and posted it on MY blog!

This is older than the internet

Shame he's not from Knottingham.

I do knot find satisfaction in his glaring omission of "bow-biters" from the general font of information ...

But he has Testimonials! I dread to think of tying my shoes now... I'm probably tying them wrong... Sigh....

Poor reporting... nothing on there to show how to tie someone else's shoelaces together...

Couldn't resist. I had to check out the FAQ. Under the question "How do I shorten my shoelaces?" I learned that you remove them and replace them with shorter ones. Or, alternatively, cut them and replace the aglets. Thank God for Ian and thank God for the internets.

I once had a coworker who travelled through Europe with and idiotic looking stuffed animal. She (the coworker, not the animal) created a photo album of the animal--let's call him "Norton". The captions were, "Here's Norton at the Roman Coliseum." "Here's Norton at Stone Hedge" etc. I thought it was the most stupid thing I had ever seen until the shoelaces.

In the world of velcro shoes, this cat is going to become fossil fuel soon.

wow, now i totally have to change my technique! but, to make the diagrams easier they should totally have a video showing how to properly tie shoes to avoid the dreadful "granny" tying

Is anyone out there that is having problems with Dell- the computer company? I would like some response to see if there is any one as unhappy with them as we are.

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