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June 26, 2008


Turns out J. Edgar Hoover was not a fan.

Wherever Art is, he's laughing.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Wherever Art is, EVERYONE is laughing.

Anyone who could get Hoover upset is OK in my book. That man had a whole tree up his butt. Art Buchwald was one of our nation's treasures.

Great title, great post

Art was right on target with his tongue-in-cheek comment about wrecking the country from the inside-out.
*wonders if the devil lets Hoover read Buchwald online*

Weingarten's Post chat indicated that a certain individual opens a gate to the Hoover gravesite in the Navy Yard at the Congressional Cemetery and encourages his canine companion to do her business near the memorial.
R20 S117 gets a visitor on a regular basis, apparently. I suspect that Art Buchwald would approve, whether or not he was the one who started the tradition.

"Buchwald’s columns - including one in which he suggested Hoover didn’t exist and was a phantom named after the vacuum cleaner company - apparently rankled the FBI boss."----Classic!


Figures. What does some geek that invented the vacuum cleaner know about funny???


Buchwald wrote a very funny Broadway play called Sheep On The Runway that sent up the U.S. government unmercifully. I'm surprised that didn't merit a few pages in J. Edgar's dossier.

I think it merited a few pages in J Edgar's bustier.

Hoover was just jealous because Buchwald looked better in a strapless evening gown.

Hoover was just jealous because Buchwald looked better in a strapless evening gown.

That, or because Buchwald had bigger boobs than Hoover...

Buchwald definitely looked better in an Easter Bunny costume. JEH just scared the kids.

I think Art is writting another column about Hoover right now. Heck he is also probably poking a little fun a Bush as well.

even having one G-man report on a Buchwald interview in Playboy, the columnist’s FBI file reveals.

Maybe...maybe the special agent was just trying to justify why he picked up that particular magazine.

Speaks volumes about Hoover that he was truly the only male in America who read Playboy "Just for the articles". Then again, he couldn't exactly get the latest on dress and skirt fashions, given the lack contained therein.

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