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June 30, 2008


Early recordings of Tom Jones singing in a toilet are expected to be sold at auction for £3,000.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie)


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FIRST to say I'll bet he didn't tap his foot.

It's not unusual. My, my, my the Welch will be proud I'm sure. I hope the recordings don't expose his humperdink.

"It's not unusual to be loved by..."

"Yo, Tommy, lad, the fish and chip order is up for table 6."

"Comin' out."

*toilet flushes*

"Tap 3 times on the stall door if you want me...."

You'd never catch me doing something like that...

"Coming out"

*toilet flushes*

"She's a lady, whoa, whoa, whoa..."

*toilet flushes again*

"Half breed..."

Singing in the toilet, I did that all the time after a big night out at the bars. We called it praying to the porcelain goddess, but I must admit that karaoking on the ceramic mic is a good metaphor...

Did Tidybowl man sing backup?

They even have backup for you...

The prostate cancer guy is at the tiop of this page, too. Is there something he knows that we don't? Rather significant that he showed up on a story about Tom Jones singing in a loo...

How would you like to be known as "The prostate cancer guy?"

Me either.

Anyway, I guess that could have been the origin of people tossing their underwear at Tom.

The name of the album:

"Live From The Loo..."

But was he maintaining a wide stance while singing??

He had to tip the men's room attendant to turn up reverb.

I had no idea he didn't always sing in a toilet.

Doesn't everybody sing in the terlet??

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