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June 26, 2008


The Bierstick

(Thanks to LM)

Belated Advisory (Thanks to Siouxie): Do not watch the video if you do not wish to hear crude language, or if you have a child in college.


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On the "More information" page, I wouldn't call that a "stationary surface"...

um..there should be a slight warning with that video.

It's like a beer shot.

Hmmmm my post didn't go through.


There should be a slight warning with that video.

Damn bot

After watching the video I would like to add my list of classy profanities regarding the product and the fine people at beerstick. Slinging poo your way.

I wonder if it has a reverse gear on it, cause it's gonna need one.

i'll stick to mainlining

A reverse gear would be great, JP, for long road trips. Sorta like those porta-potty cups truckers use.

Make sure you keep track of which direction the flow is set before you fire it up.

If you think you can drink, you haven't seen anything yet.

If you use this contraption you won't be seeing much of anything.

And another proud parent says "I'm happy to eat dog food so I can afford to send my son to college so he can learn how to drink beer faster".

So, there's a barely dressed skank girl holding something long & rigid that's full of yellow liquid..
Sounds like the end of a frat party, not the beginning....

It's a continuous theme, jon. It starts with a good head and...

How was I to know they were filming?

*snork* @ CJ !

Ali from Minnesota should know they misspelled "beer" on her shorts, like Ms. Philipines' sash.

Agreement and Disclaimer

By purchasing a Bierstick, you agree to the following:

1. Bier Gear, LLC is not responsible for over-consumption of alcohol while using the Bierstick. Anyone consuming alcohol with the Bierstick does so with the understanding that he or she is solely responsible for the amount consumed, and does so at his or her own risk.
2. The Bierstick will NOT be used to drink any alcoholic beverages other than beer.
3. The Bierstick will not be used for underage drinking. The underaged can use the Bierstick to consume non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, pop, or water.
4. Under no circumstances will any person other than the user control the rate at which beverages are dispensed from the Bierstick. The user will have full control of their consumption from the Bierstick.
5. Bier Gear, LLC is not responsible for any damages associated with the consumption or over-consumption of alcohol. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to oneself or others, damage to property, and involvement in illegal activities during or after consumption.
6. Bier Gear, LLC is not responsible for illness or injury associated with the use of the Bierstick, including from use, misuse, accident, or otherwise.
7. Bier Gear, LLC is not responsible for illness, injury, or death resulting from uncleanliness of the Bierstick. You are responsible for keeping your Bierstick sanitary, especially if sharing it with others.
8. If you share the Bierstick with others, you are responsible for enforcing these conditions of agreement with them.
9. If you sell or gift the Bierstick, you will provide this Agreement and Disclaimer to the recipient.

Wondering, what attorney in his/her right mind (wait, that's an oxymoron, isn't it?)... never mind... "move along, move along"

Love articles #8, #9.

"Now Flounder, I'll need you to read and sign this waiver...intial here...and here...date, and sign at the bottom...and finally let's notarize this disclaimer together...now, CANNONBALL!!! CHUG-CHUG

btw, in the video, I think #5 was violated... jus' sayin'

Sometimes I thinking my peers are freaking gross.

Sometimes I thinking my peers are freaking gross.

Sometimes I think my peers are freaking gross. And I probably shouldn't try to spellcheck with a slippery enter key


Elon - hard not to have slippery keys on this blog. I understand.



"Slippery Keys" WBAGN... (well, you already know...)

compact design makes it very discreet...

Yeah... About as discreet as an ICBM.

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