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June 29, 2008


Diamond Rings In Cape Cod Toilet


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I hope the boy wasn't planning on using that toothbrush again...

Having visited Cape Cod - everything is romantic there - yes, even this.

As the hostess of several grandchildren over the years, we've taken out more than one fixture to recover a *lost* object. Unbelievable the rings were recovered!

"I've snaked that toilet so many times."

*snorks* nothing else, move along, move along...

I'm telling you, Dave, those low-flow toilets will be the downfall of civilization! They can't flush a piece of toilet paper after 12 years!

I love a good heartwarming rings in a Cap Cod toilet story!

*throws an "e" up to Dave, simply because she found a spare one in the toilet*

Is Cap Cod near Hyanusport?

Plus, did he find the toothbrush, or not?

Hey, I was keeping those rings there, I was planning to fish them out with my own toothbrush!!

CJ--the toothbrush is better off lost.

Lol at cj's Hyanusport. So I guess there really were rings around somebody's anus!!

You can often find corn and carats in the can.

*rim shot for SW*

The four, or 7, C's:

Cape Cod color, clarity, cut, carat. And crap.

New motto: "A Diamond is Forever....stuck in the toilet"

Load of the Rings.

(Sorry, frodo).

A toothbrush in the toilet can be quite detrimental,
but diamonds are a boy's best friend
Finding the brush may be grand, but bad for the dental
Time to let it go, I'm sure it was low-flow.
Cr@p flows by, the pipes never dry
and we all have to pee in the end.

Tissue or T.P.
these rings never worked free...
Diamonds are a boy's best friend!

Oh, crud - I forgot to change my name back. Sorry about that. Never a good idea to post after two beers... although that's often the BEST time to post, don't you think? ;-)

Okay. All I can see in my head is Nicole Kidman singing that in a Moulin Rouge-style scene. Thanks a lot!

In other headlines, WBZ spelled Foxboro without the UGH.

Reminds me of the time my dentist accidently dropped my gold filling down my throat. I looked for it for days. As far as I know, I am still using it in my intestine.

A diamond in the roughage.

Who/whom ended up being the recipient of the rings? Finders keepers? Did they go back to the original family? Either would be okay, especially if they gave a reward. Takes stones to do the right thing.

Just 3 more diamonds and he woulda had a flush!

snork @ CJ's flush

oneblankspace - There's actually a Foxborough AND a Foxboro Mass.


I have no idea.

Slinks in®

Puts out coffee, fruit and French toast.

And the toast surrendered

Somehow, the rings were able to stay in the toilet without ever being pushed out to the septic system.
I blame low flow toilets.

*snorks* all around!

Hello??? did the Blog oversleep??

Good morning peeps!

The Blog may have stayed up too late looking for treasures in its own septic system.

In my house, legos are most often found lodged in the commode.

Woah. I went away to make real French toast and still no post from Dave. Where's the postman?

Strange. No new posts from the Blog as of 10 AM; yet when I first checked in at 8 AM it said Cap Cod, and now the missing "e" is restored...

*da da dummmmm*

(Mysterious mystery music)

(me thinks the s.b. is awake and feeexed it)

by now she could probably feeex it in her sleep...

(hey, better that than being fired, right?)

*Hears mysterious mystery music*

*Sees ominous-looking french toast*

"Ha-Hah! Have at you!"

*French toast immediately surrenders*

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

*Waveh ap Soothie! Covahed n thyrup. hahd to typ.*

There is something almost magical about toilets. This moved me. Kudos.

Now I'm glad I didn't make a snotty comment about "Cap Cod" at 6:30.

Where's Dave?

Huh? Oh, Dave's not here.


*SNORK @ Siouxie's wave!*

*WAVES napkins @ Hammie!!!*

I feel so...abandoned.

Does anybody here remember Bloggy Lynn?
Remember how he said that
he would post again
Some sunny day?
Bloggy! Bloggy!
What has become of you?
Does anybody else here
Feel the way I do?

--Fink Ployd

*Waves @ Diva!!!*

Bring the Blog back home...

Where the hell is Dave? I'm forced to actually work this morning.

Layzee, even worse. I turned on The View and actually sat through 10 minutes of Ali and Dina Lohan.

I need an intervention.

And a job.

While we wait...

*SMACKS* Cat!! The View???? This is serious.

*takes cap off cod. Waves at Hammie*

I imagine Dave is on his way to work at this very minute.

Siouxie's got the beverages covered. Here's some entertainment while you wait. Oh, and it's NSFW.

"Talk About Romantic"

Oh! Maybe that was a directive! OK, let's see. Here's a site that gives lots of good tips.

Oh, wait.

78. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and snuggle in the morning.

I'm trying to imagine being awakened by an alarm clock for pre-planned snuggling as being romantic. Hmm.

Here's one:

86. Vacuum, dust or clean the toilet

NOW we're talking romance! Especially if you find a couple of diamonds in that toilet!

OW! I told you I needed an intervention.

(Interventions hurt.)

SNORKazooo! at Annie's link

Yay! The Blog is back!

*snork* @ Annie's entertainment link!!! That is a very talented gal.

"How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"
"Keep kegelling."

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