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June 20, 2008


Key Quote:Police said before the melee began, Brown handed her 8-month-old daughter to a store employee. Then she “started walking toward (another customer) while saying, ‘I’m gonna kill you!’'

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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"Here, hold my kid and watch this..."


"Clean-up on Aisle 3."

There was no alcohol involved, but there was a sippy cup full of whoopa$$.

JayP - Word.

My issue (that really irks me) is the giant mega-stores that have around 20 registers...yet never have more than 4 open at one time, even on a Friday night when the whole world apparently goes shopping.

I know of several people that have applied for jobs at one of these stores...only to be told after filling out the application that they "aren't hiring at this time".

So where are the employees?

*SNORK @ JayP!!* OK, that makes up for the last thread. ;)

Hi, Punkin!!!! Looooong time no see/hear!! How's you?


[and Susan, many older shopping centers are going 'dark', which is short for going out of business. It gets complicated, but just know that by the time stock is bought up in lots by companies like Big Lots or Family Dollar, there just isn't much margin left in the products to pay for employees]

Punkin?? get outta my head. It's getting crowded in there. The voices told me.

And now she's really screwed cause after making bail she is really going to need to shop at the Family Dollar store, but I'm willing to bet she is not welcome there anymore.

They told her to move to another line so she beat up a woman on line? Not the manager or the clerk?

WTFBBQ?! Am I missing something here? Or did the former blonde cut in front of her or what?



Could someone please tell this woman what aisle she could find the St.Joseph's Prosac?

Shopper 2: "Excuse me, miss, but you have 11 items in your cart, and this is the express lane. The sign clearly says '10 items or less...'"

Linda Blair: "Stick your c0ck up her a$$, you m'f'ing worthless c0cksucker."

no posts, so wonderin' if my last post shocked anyone... it's a line from "The Exorcist"... just so's ya' know...

hence the "Linda Blair" reference...

I've often felt the same way towards the people on line ahead of me at the local grocery store. Usually, though, I just roll my eyes and fantasize about whacking them one with a large baguette.

WHACK! .oO(Why the hell are you suprised to find that the cashier is expecting some sort of payment?!?!)

WHACK! .oO(How in God's name did you notice that out of 75 items in your cart your box of Cream of Wheat was mismarked by a nickel?!?!?!)

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! .oO(If you cannot master the complexities of using the credit card swipey thingy, carry some cash with you, you moron!)

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