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June 26, 2008


Some of them are sleeping.

(Thanks to Heather Mays)


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They had to stay in the air longer so the pilot in charge of landing the plane had his 12 hours off the wagon.

I wonder if there is an AA meeting that could fit in a cockpit?

We've checked our records.

Oh. Alright then. Never mind.

Old news. American pilots have fallen asleep over the Pacific and overshot Hawaii. LINK.

I wonder if there is an AA meeting that could fit in a cockpit?

American Airlines or Alcoholics Anonymous?

Pilot one: I just had this dream that I was flying!
Pilot two: You were flying, dude.

Imagine if this had happened over US airspace.

It was a navigational error. They thought the destination was to Nadinofinakokpit, India.

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