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June 27, 2008


Colorado stole your mountain.

Key Innocent Phrase From Story That Sounds Vaguely Obscene Out Of Context:
...who has bagged all 54 of Colorado 14ers...

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Wyo's gonna have sumthin' to say about all this...

Something seems a little fishy about the denomination, also:  42 ?

*tosses a \ to Meanie*

That's right Meanie. It's already useless. Should be 43 cents. Maybe they should just call it a day and start all over.

You sure it's not a molehill?

Mahatma --
The molehill is in Illinois. It's the closest thing the northern part of the state has to a topographic feature.

snork @ Mahatma


Those crazy fellatialists! (Gets pulled aside to be spoken to sternly)

Um, Those crazy Philatelists! (Apologies)

so Colorado brags about its 14,00 foot peaks. You can drive to the top of Pikes peak. Really wild country$$ ($=sarcasm)

The rest of their mountains are so damned full of people, you can't have five minutes alone. They had to steal one of ours, cause theirs are all covered with smog.

Wyoming. You'd hate it here anyway, so stay the hell at home. ;)

That's right, Wyo, keep those California nutbags in Colorado at bay; Wyoming...too damn cold in the winter, flies will carry you away in the summer (also known as the second week of July).

that's right, CJ, we got two seasons, winter and the fourth of July.

Just makes you wonder what the USPS will put on New Jersey's stamp...

Oklahoma suffers as well. Isn't that the third largest city in Texas?

As a Coloradan, I would like to EMPHATICALLY say that, just because we have strippers showing up at a youth golf tournament, pot-smoking in the airport lounges, and Wyoming mountains on our postage stamp... wait, well, ok, I can't EMPHATICALLY say... I STRONGLY SUGGEST... no, that's not right either... I... no, can't go there, either... OK, (cries "Uncle"): "COLORADO: The NEW Florida! (Only colder in the winter.)"


thanks, frodo. point made.

anybody else want a beer?

btw, Wyo, the two seasons are actually: "Winter and road repair!"


glad the blog bar is open... bourbon, rocks, (and make sure you spill a little into the glass this time!) TGIF (and a payday!!!!)

frodolives (or frod olives, [depending on your point of view...])

Mount Helen? C'mon. It was a college party. We've all been to college parties. Right? RIGHT???? I'll be in the corner of the blogbar with my Yuengling. Which is a fine local Pennsylvania beer (not a panda bear), now available in Fla, Ga, and the Carolinas. Right, Siouxie?

The woman who introduced rigged the first meeting of the then future Mrs. Cowperson and me, was named Helen Cook. ISIANMTU.

She had a sign in her place of business, which read, "If you don't like the way we do things, go to Helen Cook."

Why-o -ming has the Devils Tower, a leftover prop from the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

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