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June 30, 2008


Get out of the water now.


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Woohoo... new article to be snarky at...

I got nuthin'.

Ok, that was worth waiting for. Very cool.

That's a pretty awesome picture. Butt...

*will stay clear of the west coast*

My grandma had wallpaper like that.

*gingerly places platter of pickled stingray on the blogbar and steps away*

Ain't nuthin' but another Corvette rally. Just stay off the streets and nobody gets hurt.

I'll bet a picture of the great migration of stingray-nosed cows wouldn't be nearly as fascinating.

you slide your right foot in,
you slide your right foot out,
you slide your right foot in
and you shuffle it about
you do the stingray shuffle
so those "magical" poisonous little bastards won't get you
that's what it's all about. yeah.

But are they poisonous stingray-nosed cows?

So that's where the Tampa Bay Rays' fan base went...

Isn't anyone going to point out that "majestic stingrays" is a GNFARB?

I always said the Rays were the fiercest team in the AL East.

I always said the Rays were the fiercest team in the AL East.

Are these the kind that leap out of the water and skewer boat passengers?

Oh, I get it, that's one of those Magic Eye dealies! When I cross my eyes I can see the ragtop 'Vette.

They use their extended pectoral fins to swim, and often turn upside down, curling their fin tips above the surface of the water - leaving terrified swimmers convinced that they have seen a shark.

Are they giving us the fin-ger?

Measuring up to 6ft 6in across, poisonous golden cow-nose rays migrate in groups - or 'fevers' "I gotta fever...and it's for more cowbell." ...Hey, I do what I can what I can to direct the blog from life threatening issues.

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