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June 30, 2008


Get indoors now.

(Thanks to B. Kizer and The Perts)


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are we sure it was 12 million and not, say, 11,989,000?

um...bee careful?

Oooh, have the bees hitch a ride to SoCal. We need them. Apparently a shortage of bees is leading to a shortage of corn, rice, etc. which pushes the cost of green fuels and food higher. Yes, it's all the bees' fault.

What's the *OUCH!*

buzz? Tell me **HEY! SWAT!**

what's happeni-- **DAMN! SMACK!**

Oh, forget it. *Runs for cover*

Annie, I think the bees have escaped and headed your way. Bees are pretty smart, and they DID "shift the load" to overturn the truck.

QUEEN BEE: Everybody to the left!
BEE: Bzzzz left!
BEE: Freeeedomzzzzz!

Oh, good. I was afraid they hated Hollywood after that horrible 'Bee Movie.'

B. Kizer and The Perts? Didn't they open for Sha Na Na in the '70s?

They're going to join forces with that renegade cow from last week (also from New Brunswick) and storm the US border. It's our worst fear realized: attack by Canada.

Braniff - attack from the land of milk and honey?

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