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June 26, 2008


...of bananas.

(Thanks to blunt hobo)


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Never bring a banana to a knife fight.

As a resident of Frederick county, I am so proud of my fellow citizens.

Did it have a leezard in it?

you can have this banana when you have to take it out of my cold dead hands!!!

Heh, heh... That's not a banana, now THAT's a banana.

When they outlaw bananas...

Nothing sane ever happens after 12:45 a.m.... Or so my mother said...

Obviously the clerk had the proper self defense training.

He should have used the fronds...

I couldn't read the article -- I had a banana in my ear.

There's an old law school story about a professor who hired two students to do a surprise act in a classroom -- one stabs the other with a banana and then flees. The professor then asks everyone to write down what they saw. It's a lesson in the fragility of eyewitness evidence.

Reminds me of the day I was laughed off of the firing range when I showed up armed with plantains.

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