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June 26, 2008




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*Wonders how many blog guys will be volunteering to be the official Miss Universe sash spellchecker...*

Did she notice?

she still wants world piece, right?

"We need a volunteer to check the sashes of all the contestants."

*Thundering sound of feet approaching podium*

*Gentlemen, the word was sash. S-A-S-H."


Who sent this in? Siouxie?

They failed to mention Ms. Phillipines pronounces 'two' as to sound like 'do'. Like in, "I have do which makes them a pair".

no cg, she wants whirled peas.

If Ms. Netherlands' sash were misspelled, it would take me weeks to notice. Long, happy weeks. Hubba hubba.

Suz, wasn't me. I think the Blog was doing some research (iykwim)

No kidding, padraig. It took a moment before I realized there was a "Miss Phillipines" in the picture.

Not enough maps.

During the 2006 Miss Earth pageant the official sashes for Guadeloupe and Bosnia & Herzegovina were misspelled- Guadaluope, Bosnia & Hercegovina.

So is it spelled Bosnia or Bosnia?

Cheryl - the latter way.

For the talent segment she did some origami. They call her the Manila folder.

Siouxie, I'll spellcheck 'em if they're in Braille.

I don't think it's fair that Bosnia & Hercegovina get to gang up like that.

I got a great deal on my 'Friut of the Luoms,' from the same manufacturer.

You should see the Friut of my Lions. I mean loins.

Hands off - she's mine.

As long as they spelled "USA" correctly, who cares?

Wait, was that harsh? I haven't had my coffee....

Tough week! They're either criticizing your sash or your...

Pikcy, pikcy, pikcy!

Looks like they were using the contestants to do the sashes again. Doh!

Three and a half hours, and no one has suggested they get the L out of there?

I just picture them all wearing Girl Scout sashes anyway.

Psst Cheryl, Bosnia and Herzegovina are one country, but you probably knew that.

She certainly won't get "Miss Congeniality" after creating such a fuss. Maybe they can create a new award for "Miss Spell".

Like this even matters. Miss Venezuela wins every year anyway, fair and square and with multiple plastic surgeries.

"The Miss Universe Organization has already announced that the host of NBC’s hit summer show, "America’s Got Talent," Jerry Springer and actress-singer Mel B will host the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant live on NBC."

Hey, Martini - perhaps that is why Jerry was chosen as host this year. He handles these things so well.

the official sashes for Guadeloupe and Bosnia & Herzegovina were misspelled- Guadaluope, Bosnia & Hercegovina

The latter isn't really that awful. Hercegovina is a fairly common alternate transliteration.

Jerry Springer, and the word "talent", should never collide in the same sentence.

*snorks* Martini...

(btw, on your previous post, "misspell" only has two s's esses)

...Goes to tattoo parlor to have LOSER attached to forehead, meant to write "s's

Elon, Unlike people in Iraq I have a map. I was making fun of the reporter who spelled Bosnia correctly in a mispelling article which references the incorrect spelling of Bosnia. But you probably knew that. ;-)

or even :"s's"

Actually Frodo I was offering a new catagory: Miss(Female designation of title) Spell(the subject of said title). That's what makes me so smrt.

*SNORKS* Knew that, I was just being a smart a$$ (Thought a fellow bloglit would cut me some slack after I just sent a case, free of charge, of beaver testicles to lil rascal...)

I got that!

off topic:
' 'ol' chumbucket' was on jeopardy!
[didn't win, though :( ]

Want me to cut slack, send a case my way. But not testicles . . .

Martini, on it's way...

Frodo, apparently Miss Understood got that case of beaver testicles.

I thought they went to the window and threw up the sash.

*SNORKS* CJ!!!!!

btw, Martini, what's your poison? I'll send ya' a case of that, too!!! (reminder: testicles applied to the tech support folks foreheads, booze to yourslf at your (not... oh, never mind) own discretion!)

Cheryl, the words "Bosnia & Hercegovina" were on one sash, which clearly has a misspelling, regardless of the fact that "Bosnia" is spelled correctly. That's what the reporter meant, which is why there was no comma between Bosnia and Hercegovina.

But you probably knew that. ;-)

or even, "yourself"... who knew?

I had a hercegovena, but the doc was able to repair it surgically (been there, done that, got the t-shirt and surgical scar...) still hurts when I pee, though...

*smacks Elon*

Ya'll probably knew I'd do that ;-)

(psssst..frodo?? Martini has enough booze, he doesn't need another case - trust me) (send it to me)

I had a hercegovina once, but the doc was able to repair it with surgery... (been there, done that, got the t-shirt and abdomimal scar...) still hurts when I pee though... (hoping the bot didn't hijack my first post of this, otherwise it comes up as a double...)

bots! BOTS! (terrorist bastards)

(Scratches out Martini's address on envelope, pens in Siouxie's...)

btw, Siouxie, read that VERY CAREFULLY, it's "pens," REPEATS, "pens," NOT, REPEAT NOT, "penis" (NTTAWWT), but we don't know each other well enough yet...

(I am SOOOOO macheted...)

Wow, Siouxie totally jumped my claim! Was going to ask for a case of rum, but forget it now! (Retreats to garage to console self with one of the numerous cases of Bud Products)

Martini, I'm guessing Siouxie's your friend, and since I DO NOT want to be macheted, you still get your case of rum... (and Bud products). Also, throwing in a second case of Siouxie's choice to her... (I've seen her machete!)

HEH! frodo, if I thought you meant penis...you'd have been macheted already!

Sorry, Martini but knowing how much beer you already HAVE...I thought it best to give someone less fortunate the extra booze. We can't all be as fortunate as you.

Rum is good too. I prefer vodka. Got that, frodo?? ;-P

And..on that note...I'll say my goodnights to all!

Sweet dreams. Hasta tomorrow ;-)

God, Siouxie. Don't hog all the vodka! There are other martini drinkers here, too!

Siou... Ketel One? Or name your brand... see ya' mañana!!!

Sets Suzy up with a martini, dry, shaken not stirred...

Obviously, blog bar has been opened... any other takers?

I'm gonna crash, too... Not WITH Siouxie, mind you, (OMG, faces machete once again!!!) jus' goin' to bed... (Wonders how much a 3rd case of Ketel One is going to cost me...) Love ya', Sio!!! Sees all tomorrow! Niters!

Martini- I hear she won Miss Conengitally

/OT request- Mr. diverdowndoc's birthday is today and I stayed up late making his birthday video so that when he wakes up he will get a nice surprise. Would all of the bloggers who are up leave a note on that thread of by blog to surprise him? Thanks!!
/OT request

"Miss Venezuela wins every year anyway, fair and square and with multiple plastic surgeries."

Well, she does have a nice set of Caracas.

Dang it! The one night vodka runs like the French from a barfight, and I fall asleep early. Isn't that just the way? *consoles self with knowledge that, come Monday, I'll be in Cozumel marinating in free booze for a week*

oooo- Bali! Have a great time!

someone say free booze?

Wha....? Free booze?

Have dictionary, will travel. Wire Palladin, San Francisco.

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