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June 03, 2008


Residents of Canton, Ohio, could go to jail for failure to mow their lawns.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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That's $125 per lawn! I want my old job back!

Wow! It looks like the fines for having high grass are higher than the fines for being high on grass.

How come this doesn't get the "Creeping Fascism" tag?

And the ultimate irony would be sharing a jail cell with a guy who keeps threatening you with, "I'll cut you, man!"

Washington DC has a similar law. The real reason is not to keep the neighborhoods looking better, but to keep down the rat population. They like to hide in the tall grass.

Just wanted to brighten your morning.

If I add some dog poop to the extra-long grass, could I claim it was art? Probably not.

If someone homeless could convince them that they owned the offending property, could they get free room and board?

Does that include 3 hots and a cot?


Washington would do better to reduce the rat population by closing congress... just sayin'

So if I don't cut the grass when I'm at home, how am I going to cut it from jail?

What if you want to have a more natural, environmentally friendly, lawn with wildflowers and such?

In Arizona, we had desert gardens. Try mowing down a six foot saguaro! (At Xmas some creative soul used to dress up his 3 saguaro as the 3 wise men.)

And the gardens of our apartment building here in France has each corner filled with about 15 metre sq of large, very tall, very bushy stuff. The cats love it!

Soooooooooooo Amer...ze French don't like to trim their bush??


In Wisconsin you get fined per day if you don't shovel the snow off your sidewalk. The snow plow helps by dumping the snow from the street onto the sidewalk.

*le snork at Siouxie!*

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