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June 22, 2008


It's very competitive.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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What's with the description and cost of the family home at the end of the article? Is it for sale?

As for the poor girl, she was merely demonstrating why she deserved to win, boos notwithstanding. You could hardly blame her.

Not surprisingly alcohol was involved.

What is this doing under Herald Hunt? Come to think of it, what is that toilet snake doing under Herald Hunt?? Next year's Hunt should be pretty interesting...

Steve, that's because we're having a bloggette jelloy contest at this year's Hunt.

"Muffin, we did not spend all those thousands of Pounds to send you to Trinity college so you could LOSE!"

"plucky undergraduate Isaac Newton was arrested today after a drunken game of 'farthings' 'gainst a bunch of poncy Classics majors from Oxford, He was most vexed by the lack of support by his own school, who it must be said, found the aristocratic poofters on the other side more attrative.
"You'll see! I'll invent calculus and you'll all have to take it! bwa-ha-ha-hs-ha!!!" he shouted as he was dragged away to gaol."

*Snork* for that just cause it mentioned calculus.


when's that hunt scheduled for? (Wait, never end a sentence in a preposition... for when is that hunt scheduled?... yeah, that's it!)

frodo, I believe it's on Oct 26th this year.

Jelly Wrestler - GNFARB.

Alcoholic pear juice?

Could alcoholic pear juice be counted as your fruit serving of the day? How about Green Bean de Menth to suffice as the vegtable portion of the day?

I second what Suz said...wtf???


"Green bean de menth" just made me throw up a little bit in my mouth...


btw, Sio, (Marks Oct 26th on calendar...)

see 'ya!


Trinity College is in Ireland (Dublin), not England. That explains the alcohol, anyway.

Although they are preferable to rump hangers that cover only the legs of boxer shorts.

What is this doing under Herald Hunt? Come to think of it, what is that toilet snake doing under Herald Hunt??

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