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June 30, 2008


Gas sells.

(Thanks to Julieta)



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"After food, the most important activity, at least for men, is sex. Sex is not going away."

Well...color me shocked.

And gobsmacked.

breaks out the crayola's for siouxie.

i've worked with otr drivers. all i can say is, oh my, those poor, poor girls.

crossgirl, I don't think that's Siouxie's crayon.

*thinks that Chicken Ranch Brothel sounds more like a sandwich or a specialty brothel*

I'd hate for the staff to be laid off...

"The downturn also has affected brothels by leading to an increase in the number of women seeking jobs as legal prostitutes, Arnold added."

*Crosses off Nevada from list of untapped employment locales*

Maybe they could telecommute. (Warning on the sound.)


15-sexsec penalty to Annie for double posting!!

Come on, Siouxie. You've never done it twice? Especially with that 'crayon' of yours?

I don't think it's very polite to get gas while you're having sex.

Hmmmmmmmm ... that would seem to be a "tourist attraction" I missed, all those times I traveled thru Battle Mountain, NV ...

and now, to commemorate this prestigious event, you can get a thrilling CNN Headline t-shirt.

Now you can say, "They're sticking it to you at the pump", without referring to the gas station.

"Where the rubber meets the road?"

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