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June 25, 2008


Kids golf tourney overlaps with strip club's event

Key Innocent Young Person Question: "'Mom, why is she only wearing underwear?'"

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Refrains from making a "Hole in One" joke.

Also refrains from "Wood" and "Stroke" jokes.

knows now, why her boys have a sudden interest in golf.

*Refrains from the Mrs. Arnold Palmer "I kiss his b@lls joke*

Refrains from "laying up" jokes.

*nothing to say now*

Their balls were in the rough.

If you want to watch the accompanying video, first you have to sit through a commercial for a local hardwood installer. I am not kidding.

Heh. I said "hardwood."

Oh, and fiv, DPC? Lay off the niblick jokes too.

And it's not worth it, either, they don't show any underwear or anything. Er, at least that's what I understand...

I won't even ask how the golfers "scored".

Other key innocent quote: "Mom, why are the girls wearing white and why do the men have water guns?"

And the Euphemism Of The Day award goes to .....

"Moser admitted several dancers were scolded for 'top-dropping', although half heartedly."

I have a hard time believing that a 7-12 year old kid would say "Mom, why are the girls wearing white and why do the men have water guns?" unless he/she knew and was tweaking mom.

I'm with you JimJ. That sounds like a made-up quote by the Mom. What kid would find white clothes worth commenting on?

Does anyone else find it ironic that they're raising money for breast cancer research by flashing their "perfect" ramparts? Oh, and I guarantee not one 12 year old boy complained.

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