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June 27, 2008


We can grow asparagus on Mars.

(Thanks to sjhaller and Jeff Matthews)


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Try beets and brussels sprouts next; just don't bring them back.

But can we grow hollandaise sauce???


Whole planet covered by asparagus. And no illegal immigrants that would pick them taking jobs from honest Martians under the false claim that this is a job Martians do not want to take.

there were liquid water action
Am good knowing that!

Hippies of the future will just try and grow weed there . . .

I sure hope the first humans on the planet have the proper Martian visas or we'll be repeating a mistake that has been going on since Europeans started settling in the "New World."

I wonder if the smell from urine after eating asparagus would be a problem in a self-contained human dwelling on another planet, or if the olfactory experience would be just enough to put the space pioneers over the edge.

Like New York restaurant menu prices aren't high enough!

Mars is currently too cold for water to flow
So, we can only grow frozen asparagus?

Call me when they can grow cacao. Mmmmmmm... chocolate...

. . . will analyze ice fragments in the TEGA oven
Yeah, the oven is a GREAT place to analyze ice in, put it on way low tho . . .

but can you hide it under the edge of your plate? or feed it surreptiously under the table to Scooby?

I dunno but the shipping charges are gonna be a BYOTCH!

KOW, I was thinking the same thing. I thought asparagus already came from Mars.

I'd like to see them turn asparagus into Mars bars. Now that's science I can use.

Yes, they found that asparagus could grow on Mars if it only had a small tweaking of growing an entire atmosphere, but other than that, ready to go!

asparagus is from Mars, broccoli is from Venus?

(Um, Dave? "is produces"? I didn't want to say anything yesterday on the "staggers foward" post, but, sir, with a heated presidential campaign ahead, we need our candidate to exhibit flawless leadership in spelling, grammar, and proofreading. Your country is depending on you.)

Back off silly Humans... you cannot make gasoline from asparagus

"There is nothing about the soil that would preclude life. In fact it seems very friendly,"

Which is where we get the phrase "Friendly as dirt."

(Dave, now you've blinded Siouxie on the North Carolina post. This is getting serious.)

Boyton said, because it was a surface sample and had been sitting on the TEGA oven for several days, during which time any ice would have evaporated.

Wow, this guy really is a rocket scientist.

sorry, i want martians bananas or pine-apple

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